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10-29-06, 09:33 AM
My son's Adderall XR 20mg RX wasn't working for him anymore so my doctor decided to prescribe the Daytrana patch. He had tried Concerta before but he lost tons of weight on it and we had to switch to the Adderall. So Adderall stopped working and the Concerta was just too dangerous for him. The doctor prescribed the patch but warned that we had to start at 10mg for the first 10 days and then step up to the 20 mg after that. I wasn't that comfortable with this because I knew his behavior would deteriorate on this low dose. I inquired about Straterra but the doctor wasn't comfortable prescribing it (due to the controversy surrounding it) unless I saw the neurologist and he decided it was the way to go. This appointment can take up to 3 months to get! To make a long story short, we gave him the patch Friday morning and by 10 o'clock I had the school nurse calling me and asking me to pick him up from school. He is in second grade and this has never happened before. His behavior was pretty "off the hook". He was completely hyper and silly and probably disruptive even though it was "FUN FRIDAY". Yeah, right. Real fun. Now I'm wondering if I need a Section 504 for him so that his rights are protected! Will he be sent home everyday until his meds can be increased? I have soooo many questions and frankly I am afraid for the future. :(

10-30-06, 09:46 AM
You may have to wait for the dosage to go up. I see that the concerta didn't work so well. How about Focalin XR? It's A different form of Ritalin that can be taken once a day like Concerta and Adderall XR...

For yours (and your childs) best interests you should get him/her on 504 not only to protect his rights, but to be able to give him/her the services that he/she needs...

03-08-07, 02:01 PM
Hi, quick note from experience. My 1st grader started the patch because of disruption in the typical classroom setting. We kept upping the dose to pacify the teacher. What happened was the environment wasn't changing and we were OVERDOSING him unnecessarily. My son had touches of OCD where his work had to be perfect BUT he had problems focusing as well. I had to FIGHT to get him into Special Ed for an IEP in order to pull him from the fast paced regular classroom setting. Be careful when upping meds as they can easily go into a zombie state during the end of the day. Here are my Doc's websites, may be of insite to you: ( & ( We have just recently pulled him out of the public school setting and into a public/private school which specializes in behavioral treatments for children that suffer from this. Parenting classes are also required and I HIGHLY recommend you go through Social Services to find ADHD resources. Daniel Amen's "Healing ADHD" is also a GREAT insight. Good luck :)