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Matt S.
10-30-06, 04:21 PM
I have the issue of impulse control as far as having it developed only to the terrible two stage...
now as an adult with a "high IQ" and all sorts of contradicting symptoms as a core, there seems to be the reluctance to tackle them (at least the ones that I have to wait for) and being self aware as a result of dexedrine seems to show the issue of overcompensation to account for what is not there and I have always utilized that as a strength and from addictive behaviors to emotional immaturity (extreme enough to pass as mania) it creates an issue because all areas of functioning have been effected as a result and the adaptive skill to my racing mind is really now that I am on dexedrine coming accross as OCD.

My approach to treatment is adjacent to bipolar disorder which was a total misdiagnosis and I have a complex set of immature emotions that I now have to develop but have PTSD overreactive behavior that have surfaced as a coping mechanism to compensate for the high speed thinking and my denial and reluctance to do more than "sit around and wait for the mood stabilizer to start working" watching for warning signs and expecting to well progress without behavioral effort and the biggest problem is a genious approach on one end and a well "toddler" on the other.
I am a walking paradox and can't for the life of me really do too much at all as a result of that and treatment in all areas seems to not help because the way to get the fastest results are to take them to the extreme and having no concept of impulse control as a function makes you want to stay "booksmart"...

What I really meant to get to in that whole mess:

does Balance come as that function develops and I am just being imatient about it or is there some help out there Therapy wise because I either adapt or oppose and regardless of how I accelerate areas of progress in the 'big picture' even if all at once I cause a problem somewhere else.

11-01-06, 12:12 AM
Although I haven't worked with an ADD or a Life coach, it seems that it might be a good option for you to look into.
I think that impulse control can be developed, but I'm not sure that it will develop on it's own, at this point in time, but rather it's something that needs to be worked on to develop.
I think an ADD or a Life coach (or even a therapist) could help you learn to recognize the impulses and help you learn how to deal with it.

I wish I could help more, but impulse control isn't something I've had to personally deal with.

Best wishes