View Full Version : Calling all out of the square thinkers!!

10-31-06, 06:38 AM
Hey every body!

After searching the phone book to find a Psychiatrist that deals with ADD, and nearly choking on the absurd cost involved , i knew more than ever that i have to beat this by my self and for free!!(well as free as possible)

And i want to put this out there so others can try and learn as well.And hopefully enough ADD minds will get together and create a brilliant , drug free , long term solution!!

So please check my blog and comment.
and be sure to check back in the comming weeks and months, as i have a great feeling about this!!

11-04-06, 07:56 PM
This post is an NOT an ad for anything. I have put all of the info together so that people with ADD can Beat ADD. without drugs and without having to pay for expensive psychiatrists.

I do understand that its is hard to believe that anything on the internet isnt greed based.

Sorry if i have offended anybody....

12-09-06, 10:19 PM
Just updating my progress on the wobble board... and i have 2 amazing revelations....

I use the wobbleboard to stimulate nerve growth in my cerebellum(which has been proven to be underdeveloped with ADDers)....

Stimulants are prescribed to overstimulate , an underdeveloped cerebellum, to compensate...

And i have proven this.... Using the wobble board, with no meds , is quiet a challenge to balance.... But an hour after taking meds, balance is a piece of cake!!

Revelation number 2!! i have learnt how to completly overload my cerebellum. While balancing , i try to read at the same time... whoa!! impossible!! but with practice this will change...

The cerebellum overload is just like a situation where i feel overwhelmed... but it is controlled, and with control, it can be beaten!!

01-23-07, 02:06 AM
A very interesting a unique idea! Interesting facts about that wobble thingy.