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11-02-06, 02:39 PM
the company i was hoping would call did! this is good! :D

BUT, they do not currently have insurance. this should be taken care of around the first of the year (no biggie). the thing that is REALLY screwing me up is that there may be a "12-month clause". i do not know much about insurance, but as it was explained to me, if you have a current medical condition (in my case, add, mild depression, and anxiety), they will not cover anything having to do with it (doc visits or presciptions). i did start seeing my current doc while i was still with my old company, so it is on someone's records (the doc & my old insurance). this sucks! everything is sooooo expensive! i did not mention anything to him about it, but did want more info on what the "clause" was.

what options do i have? i don't want to switch docs and can't afford meds anymore! if i did have to switch docs, wouldn't he/she want records from the old doc, therefore acknowledging that the add is "pre-existing"? also, i know that i will have periodic doctors visits! not that i would want to pull the wool over the new companies eyes, but it will be obvious that i am seeing a doc for something! :confused: :confused: AAAHHHHH!

ANYBODY that has been through this or knows what loopholes may exist, PLEASE HELP! *starts stressing again* :(


11-02-06, 10:26 PM
Well, first, you need to find out exactly what the insurance and company policy is. Read the fine print with a microscope if you have to. If they will not cover pre-existing conditions for your first year, you do need to be honest when filling out your medical history, or your new insurance can refuse to cover you at all for that condition. Your medical history is confidential protected information, and your employer has no right to it, however, your new health insurer does. They can and they will dig up your history. It really is in your best interest to disclose your history.

I wonder if you would be able to get an individual plan on your own for your first year? BCBS has some very good plans at very affordable rates. Paying cash for all of your visits and meds for one year would get very costly.

Your HR person should be able to answer your questions regarding clauses, etc. as well, without disclosing specifics.

Oh, and many congrats on the new offer!!!

11-03-06, 08:55 AM
1kidand2dogs MUST be a handful!

thanks for the tips. i have still yet to talk to my doc and get her feedback. i won't know anything about the insurance policy until they get something in place though. i hope that NOW :D , i will be able to read and comprehend all the "small type"!

can you tell me more about BCBS? and yes, the meds alone are sooo expensive! the home office is on the left coast and it's a small company, so i am not sure if there is an HR person.

:D :D thank you for the congrats! this takes a big load off!


11-03-06, 09:30 AM
another thing to think about is find out if the new job has a defered plan. this way at least you can be re-embersed for some of the medical things such as insurance along with another plan. we have one and it really helps us out a lot with things our insurance does not cover.

11-03-06, 10:04 AM
congrats to you! i just saw your post! i guess we'll be playing 11/02/06 as some lotto numbers?

i am really insurance ignorant, what is a deferred plan? any good places to research this stuff?

thanks for the help!

11-03-06, 12:09 PM
Congrats on the job offer! I remember in my insurance meeting for my job them saying something about pre-existing conditions and I worried just like you are. Well I didnt have a choice so I just went to the doctor like normal and figured that if the insurance wouldnt cover it I was just screwed. Well they covered everything so dont get too worried. It may just be very serious pre-existing conditions like cancer or something. If the BCBS thing doesnt work out maybe you can look into getting some kind of government assistance. I guess what I would do is call the insurance company and ask them to explain what they mean by not covering pre-existing conditions. Give some kind of excuse like you have always had alergies or something small like that and ask if that is what they mean my pre-existing conditions.

11-03-06, 01:40 PM
hey effie,
i wondered the same thing! i wondered if it was a much more serious condition, like cancer, heart disease, etc. hopefully, that is the case. *knocks on wood*

can you tell me what BCBS means?


11-03-06, 09:31 PM
Oops, BCBS is Blue Cross Blue Shield. I think they are in every state, and they seem to have great coverage for affordable individual rates. An idividual policy for you probably is not necessary, but it would be a plan B if they won't cover your treatment. I hope like the others said, that they may put a pre-existing clause for major things, or if you have been treated in the past surgically, or something like that. You know, if you are young and healthy, you realistically likely don't have much to worry about. Just remember to be honest if you have do disclose your past medical history, because if you don't, and they find out because you submit claims, they can THEN put a clause as serious as NOT covering you at all for the lifetime as the policy. I do know that this happens, and is very serious, and unfortunately, carries with you from policy to policy. There's that golden question "have you ever been denied coverage for any reason, or had a waiver placed for any reason?" So, be careful.

11-04-06, 10:47 AM
ahhhhh! thanks! isn't anthem the same as bcbs? that was suggested by my doc. i need to get some basic thing right now ... the "if i get hit by a car", super basic coverage.

thanks again!