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Jesse 7.0
11-06-06, 01:32 PM
Sans Maybe
Words by Jesse Jones

I was born into this life
All torn up and vile
You should have seen me bleed
But... if tonight
You let me hold you like a child
Then nothing I would ever need

Maybe I didn't say enough
Maybe I never looked above
Maybe I couldn't see
Maybe I didn't believe
Maybe I passed aside
Maybe last night I died
But I want you to see
When it came to loving you
There was no maybe

A rebirth will begin
I will sell every sin
Oh this I promise you
I looked inside to see
Dark voices inside of me
It's time to give the devil his due

Maybe I was just blind
Maybe I fell behind
Maybe I tortured my own
Maybe I never felt at home
Maybe I want nothing from you
Maybe I want nothing but you
But I want you to see
When it comes to loving you
There is no maybe

Written for and about Yerula Janeth Camarillo at 2:00 A.M. on November the fifth, 2006.