View Full Version : Can anyone recommend a dr Brisbane NW or City?

11-08-06, 08:49 AM
I've only recently been hit with a lightning bolt out of the blue after my childrens' ADHD diagnosis, and my efforts in trying to give them a more structured life making me so depressed that I can't function. Adding a few things up, I've come to realise I may have ADD (I always thought it was just my ex hubby). I've been treated for depression for over 20 years. I'm currently seeing a Psychiatrist at the RBH. I have a feeling he won't be able to help (I usually have to help him when it comes to filling out prescriptions etc) so I was wondering whether anyone can recommend a doctor who is knowlegeable in the area of adult ADD (particularly women)?

I hope that made sense. :confused:

11-09-06, 04:49 AM
Well Doctor Alexandra Evans office is in Brisbane oppisite Central Station well using the back throughway. I will contact you once I have found the address but she is mostly children but she does do adults too I think.