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11-13-06, 05:02 PM
Hi fellow GA ADDers,

Just wanted to introduce myself! I am going to paste in my introduction from the main forum below. Looking foward to mixing it up here!

Hi everyone,

This is a fantastic site. My name is Ben. I am 32, have been divorced for 3 years, and have a 6 year old daughter. I live just north of Atlanta, GA.

I was diagnosed just slightly less than 2 years ago by my phsychiatrist as having pretty severe ADHD. I have since been on 20 mg of Adderall XR once (sometimes twice) daily, as well as 60 mg of Cymbalta once daily.
I was diagnosed when I was 8 with mild Tourette Syndrome (slight motor tics) as well, and it was never verified (though I had ALL the symptoms looking back) that ADHD was a co-existing condition with the Tourette.

Like most of you here it seems, I struggled just to get by in grade school, barely graduated high school, and dropped out of college. Since that time I have had probably 13 or 14 jobs, one failed love relationship after another (including my marriage), and have pretty much continually chased my tail financially. I have struggled with low self-esteem since childhood- basically from the time I was diagnosed with Tourette if memory serves.

Other than that, and on a more positive note- I am a great guy who is just trying to make sense out of all this- just as all of you are, and have a happy life along the way. :-) It's great to be here!

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