View Full Version : parents seeking alternative treatments publicaitons?

11-13-06, 11:38 PM
hi all ...

i was just wondering if anyone knows of or has read any articles or research publications on parents seeking alternative treatment options away from medications?

any links or citations would be much appreciated.

:) thanks

11-14-06, 07:22 PM
hi inqu ive not seen anything myself so far....just reading a book called IS THIS MY CHILD BY DR ROBIN PAUC

ISBN 978-0-7535-1064-3 HAVE a look might help dorm

11-15-06, 06:27 AM
thanks dorm, ill look into the book :) how's it going so far? i picked up driven to distraction at my library today (i havent been able to find it at bookstores :( ) ive been guaranteed it a good read! :)

i just thought there might be some publications which looked at for example, the increasing number of parents looking into alternative treatments ?? maybe there isnt an increasing number of parents looking at alternative treatments? i'm sure there is ... gotta search harder! hehe

11-22-06, 01:21 PM
I don't know of any publications. I don't use any medications. I've learned that controling diet and using a very good vitamin/mineral supplement will change lives. I made these changes this year and WoW!.

11-22-06, 02:43 PM
You may have better luck going in the direction of one specific therapy per article at at time. All my reading I've done on alternatives, I don't recall anything that covered many therapies, if that is what you mean to look for. Also, you may try getting information from the horse's mouth, and do a web-search with the type of therapy you want to look at, and then type the word forum, and you will find all the forum discussions.

DS developed seizures while on Adderall, so the stims are out for us. We are doing some alternative therapies that are working great.

11-23-06, 11:06 PM
yeh, i've found that if i reserached a particular alternative treatment (eg. biofeedback, exercise, nutrition etc.) there will be comments about parents looking for alternative treatments ...

i just thought there might be a study that was focused soley on parents seeking alternative treatments, generally ... and is not linked with any particular alternative option, if that makes sense.

i'm sort of looking for 'evidence' to say that research into alternative treatments (what ever type) is important, because parents are seeking it.

thank you for your help guys :)

11-24-06, 03:45 PM
If there were, we'd be taking alternative meds.

NB. I think it is important to get ADHD testing (eg executive function [tests disorganization], working memory, auditory memory, auditory discrimination tests) in order to assess the ADHDers neurological 'deficits'.

I think that people who shun the proven medications for 'natural cures' often do not understand that ADHD is a neurological disorder.

We wouldn't give an person with epilepsy or Parkinson's a non-drug treatment?

Why do people not understand that you can't treat things like frontal lobe dysfunction of ADHD with herbs and snake oil?

Sorry, but this sort of question comes up a lot by people who have not bothered to read research by people like Dr. Daniel Amen, and Rosemary Tannock, and other scientists.

11-24-06, 08:17 PM
I actually, believe it or not, read articles by Tannock yesterday, while doing readings on neurobiological and genetic research as a 'cause' of ADHD.

I have no doubt in my mind that medications work ... I was not saying that they don't or that ADHDers should not be prescribed medications ... I've just had a lot of parents ask me about alternative treatments, and thats the area of research I am doing. Thus, that's why I was looking for research (if they existed) on parents who actually sought out alternative treatments, to support my own research.