View Full Version : My Cousin on Adderall XR 25mg NOT WORKING...

11-16-06, 02:10 PM
My cousin's parents (my aunt and uncle) are seperated. About a year ago my Uncle moved in with us because he was having financial problems due to his hep c 'flare-up'. So right now my Uncle is living at my house with my brother and mother.

My cousin (he's 8 now) comes to see him on the weekends and he (cousin) lives with his mother (my aunt) during the week for school. When he started coming to our house, he was on 3 five milligram Adderall XR pills a day (all taken the same time in the morning). Then he went up to 4 XR's. Then 5 XR's. Now he's on 1, 25mg pill a day, in the morning. Ever since he started comming a year ago, the meds have not made a difference in his adhd.

My mother, brother and I are not happy with this, and we feel he needs to either increase the adderall again or switch to another medication. Because he lives with his mother (my aunt) she takes care of all the medical concerns, and ... as long as she get's no phone calls from the school, she leaves everything along with the meds ... What should we do?

We can't even stay in the house because he won't give us our space. Mother even raised her voice to my uncle because he (my cousin) was giving her a hard time. What should we do when my Aunt manages the meds and she doesn't want the meds to be changed? (My aunt doesn't want him on ritalin)

11-17-06, 03:40 AM
To tell you the truth 25 mg did nothing to me either.. for some reason 30mg did it, i know it seems weird only a 5 mg difference, but iv been taking 30mg for 2 weeks and its the first MG DOSE of Adderall thats worked for me. maybe 30s would help