View Full Version : Any Dental Assistants out there??

11-17-06, 01:41 AM
Hey CDA's... I'm looking for suggestions, support and comradery (sp?) from those in my field, b/c the usual "ADD in the Workplace" books don't "fit". We've got a hectic schedule to keep and we keep the Dentist moving!! So, if ya know what I mean.... Let's vent!:faint:

11-17-06, 08:35 PM
well not in your felid but understand it so happy to veant if you happy to nice to meet you dorm good luck with the schedule

11-18-06, 06:34 PM
Thanks, Dorm! It's just the field doen't fall into the "business" area for those books to help. I've got a boss who gets a bit frustrated when everything he needs is not in the room 100% of the time. I explained to him the situation and he "understands" sorta. THEN when we talked about things during my review, I made the point that I will work on being proficient but just so he understands it's gonnna happen again. Well, he didn't like that answer. I just explained that I will work on making my mistakes fewer and farther between...but oh how our minds work!!:faint:

11-18-06, 08:46 PM
yeh very true but you work hard .....>....but as you point out we all make mrestikes and anyway if he wents a merschine who doset hes goingto have to wait alongtime soiunds tomme you work hard an not geting right allthe time happens allways happpy to chat
iam shore it get fewer as you say he just have to wait an see thats faith
dorm > good luck

11-19-06, 01:35 PM
Yeah, a machine....That's a good one.... I'll remember that for next time.