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11-19-06, 12:19 PM
I am on my third month of Adderall and each month my doctor has increased my dosage by 10mg. I just started taking 30mg a day and am hoping that this will be just right for me.

As far as increase in dosage goes, I am curious, has anyone taken a certain dosage of Adderall for months or even years and then suddenly needed an increase down the road? Or is the determination of a need to increase dosage always decided on in the beginning? Also, has anyone taken Adderall for an extended period of time and had it working for a long time but then suddenly had it stop working? Has anyone had this happen and then had to switch to another med?

I am just curious about what to expect or what to possibly expect in the future. Hopefully my current dosage of Adderall is what I will always need and I won't have to worry about it anymore.

Any information or stories would be greatly appreciated. This is all still new to me. Thanks so much!;)

11-25-06, 06:19 AM
Generaly the longer you are on it the less frequent a dose adjestment will be needed.... for example you may change doses for the first few months then go 6 months to a year before another change. After that it may only need to be changed once every few years if at all. But then everyone is differant.

Generaly ADD people don't get very tolerant to stims so I wouldn't lose sleep over it. Personaly I started with 10mg (IR per dose) and I don't think I could EVER go over 15mg. But I will say in reading this group I'm starting to wonder if I maybe should concider going up. It's hard for me to decide just how much I should try to modivate myself vs. using the meds. But then again for some things I don't think any amount of meds can help me. Drugs really are not magic, they are a tool. At least thats how I approach it.... but then I could be worng.

11-30-08, 09:07 PM
I started on 10mg twice daily about 8 years ago. Now I take 30mg four times for some people, your dosage needs to be increased over time. I don't drink or use other drugs, so my case isn't due to an abuse issue. I just developed a tolerance over time and now I need at least 30mg to feel an effect and 120mg to keep that effect throughout the day. I have no trouble sleeping at all and I weigh in at 230lbs standing 6'5''. I'm in good shape; I have 6 pack abs and put up 300lbs+ benchpressing and I don't appear skrawny in the least bit. So I wouldn't say I'm prescribed to too much. I think it is simply based on individual people with individual needs. My doctor was skeptical at first when I transferred to him from my old doctor with such a high dosage. But he saw that I was in good physical condition, appeared to have no psychological problems, and that I never complained about sleep problems (I don't take anything to get to sleep at night, nor have I ever been precribed to anything for this). He has no problem with it now.

If you need a dose increase, just ask your doctor. If your not abusing other drugs and alcohol and you don't have negative side affects from the adderall, there is no reason your doctor should not increase your dosage after a period of time. If he refuses, switch doctors, because he's not doing his job if he cannot provide a rationale for the refusal.

11-30-08, 11:00 PM
I haven't needed to increase my dosage for about 2 years. 10mg works fine for me (or 20mg XR). I have noticed when I stop working out for a few days, the dose doesn't seem to hit my as strong. As long as my metabo is in gear, I'm good.

10-02-11, 01:00 PM
I've been taking the same dosage for 15 years (4 10mg amphetemine salts a day) and I should have asked for an increase years ago from what I've read in this post. I'm about the same size as FullTimeDE50 (only somewhat overweight and missing the six pack abs :-) ), so maybe I have been taking too little. I have been noticing more of a lack of focus and low tolerance for frustration than usual. I have an appointment with my doctor, so I will mention this to her and hopefully come up with a solution (more meds, new meds).