View Full Version : Human Resource Professionals with ADD Thread

11-19-06, 02:34 PM
Hey, just thought I'd get this puppy started. This is a thread for HR Professionals to unload/share/complain/inspire/ask/answer/etc. Now let's share and talk some HR and ADD jargon!

Me: 28 years old, diagnosed less than a year ago, married 4 years w/one son

Profession: Training and Development Specialist - in laymans terms I facilitate and develop soft skill training (guest service, conflict, stress, management skills, orientation, etc.) for a 4,000 employee business in MN. Been doing this for almost 3 years.

ADD + HR: Been an interesting ride. I find teaching classes to be more harmonious with my ADD than the development side. Teaching can be very random with all the different participants and therefor, for me at least, mostly a fun experince. I really enjoy this aspect.

Development is tough though. Much of this involves sitting in front of a computer, writing scripts, and working within somewhat rigid guidelines. I thoroughly enjoy development for the credibility it brings for me to the classroom, but the process itself can be quite painful at times due to my ADD. The latest training program I developed was on Conflict and Decision Making. I am very pleased that the development phase was done and facilitation had begun.

I have not told a soul about my ADD at work. I don't think I could predict how all the employees might recieve it if it got out - a leadership trainer with ADD. I'm sure there are many that would think absolutley nothing different of me. Others, not so sure. Plus, I don't ever want people to reference my ADD with sympathy or as an excuse. Also, I don't want it to be brought up ever in a training class for any reason. Am I paranoid?

Any other HR ADDers out there with stories?