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11-19-06, 06:00 PM
We'll, after trying Daytrana 30 mg for only 3 days, I'm going back to adderall ir (ir until I can fill out paperwork for xr patient assistance).

Adderall has more SE's for me than dexedrine or daytrana, but it also works much better for reading comprehension, motor coordination and activation.

Dexedrine made me feel better overall, but it didn't really seem to help my focus. Daytrana did nothing! It was amazing. I put the patch on in the morning and noticed hardly anything. I was spacing out and falling asleep whil trying to study, just as I had been before meds. It's really too bad, since it is the only med out there that will actually work for a full 12 hours or more.

My SE's the last time I quit taking adderall were heart palpitations and some insomnia in the evening when I believe the medicine wore off, higher levels of irritability (mostly a shorter fuse), and some tremors (which did decrease some at the end). Does anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with these. Are there medications, supplements, specific exercises that would help? It looks like I'm going to have to learn to deal with the SE's if I'm going to be functional.

All suggestions apprectiated.


11-22-06, 10:38 AM

Dexedrine has less physical side effects than adderall. Dexedrine also veries greatly between brands. Try a differant brand. You might have to call around. Barr are proported to be the worst. You can mix dexedrine with adderall also. (they are both amphetamines) You might try staying on the IR adderall during the day for the first and/or second dose and/or replacing the second dose and/or third dose with dexedrine. Adderal IR lasts 4-6 hours but dex is only 3-5 hours. You can also replace half your adderall IR dose with an equel dose of dexedrine taken 1 hour after each of your adderall IR doses or together. Dexedrine spanuels are also available and you may be able to replace half your XR dose with an equel Dexedrine spanule dose. You can also try welbutrin (bupropion) or stratera in place of part of your adderall dose. Talk to your doctor.

11-22-06, 10:45 AM
Also try DLPA (DL-phenelalinine) (sp?) 500mg twice per day with a B complex vitamin. If you try it then don't take it with meals or 1 hour before or after your adderall dose. DLPA used by your body to make dopamine with the use of B vitamins. Adderall causes your brain to use more dopamine. DLPA can be found over the counter in most places where vitamins are sold.

11-23-06, 05:12 PM
Thanks for the suggestions Bipolarruledout.

Unfortunately my doc thinks that trying different generic brands won't make a difference. I asked her about it, and she seemed a little annoyed by the question. Maybe she was just having a bad day.

I've tried L-Tyrosine as a supplement. I think I took it within 1 hour of taking dexedrine and I felt more irritable. Maybe it was a dopamine overdose??

I took my first dose of adderall yesterday. I can focus again! Maybe its the l-amphetamine, but I was able to focus for two hours and actually complete a college assignement without getting distracted. I don't understand why adderall would work better than dex for this, since dex is pure brain targeting amphetamine, but adderall definitely works better.


11-24-06, 06:56 AM
I have tried real adderall and 2 generics (barr and eon). Now I can see a possible plaebo effect with just one generic but not two. The eon seemed much more like the real thing, maybe just a tab "speedier" than adderall. The bar seemed weeker. I believe the FDA does allow at least a 10% veriation in the active drug in generic products. If I find this information I will post it and perhaps you can "enlighten" your doctor. Stimulants have a narrow theriputic window and I believe 10% could make a differance. Most of what I posted is purely subjective but most doctors I would think can accept hard facts.

On a related not you may want to try a OTC sleep aid containing diphenhydramine to help with the come down. It's an anti-cholagenic. In laymens terms if helps tune the brain down a bit, kind of like caffine in reverse. Try half of a 25mg tablet for starters. Not an ideal solution by any means but it's very cheap, somewhat effective, and not at all addictive.

As far as the DLPA I really recomend it and I think you should give it a try. I will say that it didn't help greatly with adderall come downs BUT with dex it worked GREAT. The other day I was crashing from my third 12.5mg dex dose and my head had this buzzing feeling... like tingling really weird I poped a B complex and some DLPA and within 20 minutes I felt fine... Good Luck and I hope your doctor is more understanding.