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Matt S.
11-22-06, 04:51 PM
For years I was dx'd ADHD w/ some type of Atypical Bipolar but now My doctor is convinced that I have suffered from "agitated depression" I only can take Lamictal as an antidepressant because I tend to become actually manic when on SSRI's and only can handle those. I have never had the loss of motion I am hyperactive so when I get depressed I still move like no tomorrow I guess I am just sick of this Bipolar not Bipolar bulls*** and I have done damage to myself due to the lack of effectiveness of mood stabilizers and the motherloads that they have given me... I just want to here anyone else in here who was dx'd with Agitated depression to gain knowledge.

11-22-06, 05:49 PM
'Agitated Depression' is not a DSM diagnosis, but moreso it is just describing your symptoms/presentation.

It is an 'old school' sort of term, too -- like 'Atypical Depression', or 'Simple Schiz'.
I'm gonna guess that your Psychiatrist is not a very RECENT graduate.

It means that you get activated/anxious/fast thoughts, rather than sleepy/hypoactive/fatigue/slowed thinking processes, with your depression. People tend to get either end of the spectrum.

Take the example of 'delirium'. Similarly, people can get a hypoactive delirium or an agitated delirium. It is two extremes on the continuum of the same disorder.

The opposite of an 'Agitated Depression' would be 'Atypical Depression' (most common in women) where one sleeps too much, and has slowed psychomotor functions (eg thinking; movement).

As for whether you have bipolar or not, i'm not going to go there. (Even doctors don't do internet diagnosis.)

There are two types of bipolar. Which one do they say you have?

Bipolar is a pretty serious illness. People with bipolar who CAN escalate into bipolar psychotic states and can get delusions, hallucinations/perceptual disturbancs, or other Symptoms (like maxing out $25 000 on a credit card), which can get into devastating troubles (financial; legal; police; job-wise; interpersonal).

Have you had actual ADHD testing batteries administered from a Psychologist?

=CPT (continuous performance test)
=TOVA (test of variables of attention)
=Trails A and B tests
=Tower of London
=Working memory tests (visual and auditory memory)

Insurance can sometimes cover this testing, as it is needed for a PROPER diagnosis, along with a good History.