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11-22-06, 04:51 PM
My son was dx with ADHD inattentive type 3 years ago, we tried strattera, did nothing. tried ritalin, 5mg 2x a day, again, did nothing, adderall xr 15mg seemed to be the BINGO med/dose. it has worked WONDERFULLY for him, HOWEVER, at the end of last school year, we switched pedis, and he wanted the teacher to fill out one of those questionare sheets, and she made comments about how just doesnt seem like a happy kid, which is NOT my boy AT ALL. he doesnt need the med on weekends, so we never noticed this, as he is only medicated for school. we stopped the adderall over the summer, and tried to start 3rd grade med free, well, thats not going so well, we have recently started back on, at a reduced dose, 5mg for one week, then we will go to 10mg. thus far, the 5mg isnt doing anything. I'm wondering if we were to switch to concerta (or preferrably Daytrana as my son hates taking pills, we open them and he takes it with a spoonful of applesauce) if he would have the same side effects, except since the ritalin didnt work, would the concerta/daytrana work at a higher dosage? his teacher noticed NO difference at all when we started him on the ritalin, we didnt increase dosage, just switched meds. I do NOT want him to be sad, or zombie like just so he can get good grades, he has SO many more friends this year because when he's not medicated, he's very outgoing, but i guess the adderall takes that away from him. I know the only way to know for sure, would be to try the switch in meds, just wondering if anyone had any experience with the same type of side effects. I hate that the "wonder drug" for him hurts his personality.

11-22-06, 06:16 PM
This is only my opinon..

Try asking your son, if he misses his previous Doc..and also if he likes this 'new' teacher...and if he does or doesn't..why ?

And what's different to him, (not what you assume to be the difference) about third grade, versus second grade.

You'd be amazed as to all the information, you can receive, from children...when you really listen to them.

'Grownup' perceptions, are for the most part- 'totally different', from children's...
Please note the words 'for the most part' this last sentence...

Please also note, that it's incredibly difficult to ask how Adderall affects social skills, in general, because it will affect everyone 'differently', due to a plethora of 'other' factors involved with 'social skills'.

There will be also be, significant differences between adult perpectives..and those of children his age.

Best wishes. (0: