View Full Version : So ****ed Off

11-22-06, 07:43 PM
So today i went to my doc apointment to get my prescription for my meds and my damn councellor hadn't sent the doc the damn letter that he needs. I have been waiting so long for this apointment and when it gets here "i really can't do anything for you without a letter from your councellor." I am so incredibly angry right now that i just wanna smash something. :mad: UGH.

11-22-06, 08:12 PM
its alllways easyer for them cos there not the ones who suffer.....
when they dont send or keep apoment that effts you all i can say get a boxing bag a beat it up you feel alot better untill it all comes though i wish you luck let us know how things go, dorm

11-23-06, 01:16 AM

I'm so sorry! I'd be very angry too. I think a call to your counselor is in order. That's absolutely ridiculous that he/she forgot.


11-23-06, 10:38 AM
yeah i'm going to go see my councellor today. The problem i have with this is even if i get the letter now i'll probably have to wait like 2 weeks to get in at the doctor's. :(

11-23-06, 10:06 PM
So i went to see my councellor today and it turns out that it was the clinic who lost the letter. They have it now but i have to wait 2 weeks to get an apointment. :(

11-23-06, 10:14 PM
That is soooo frustrating Claudia....take a deep breath, and call the Dr's office and see if they can put you on the waiting list if anyone cancels their appointment earlier