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11-23-06, 04:18 AM
hey, guys:

do any of you know what the part that measures organization on the wechsler test actually measures? i mean, does it measure someone ability to organize dat so they can turn the data into info ( or does it just mean how organized you are as far remembering where you put your belongings).

i had just taken the wechsler test and my neuropsychologist told me i had very poor organizational skills, but i didnt know what he meant. i wish i would have asked hm. now the fact that i dont know what he meant is buggin me.

i have been searching unsuccessfully on the web for hours. I hope one of you can answer my question, since you are all seem so well versed in neurological stuff.

ps. I am sorry to sound dumb. im just soo tired, but i couldnt sleep until i asked the question. Also, i am sorry if put my thread in the wrong section; i wasnt sure where to put it...

11-23-06, 11:24 PM
never mind you dont have to answer, i asked my neighbor who is a psych major

11-23-06, 11:51 PM
Organization (brain-wise and performance-wise) can be tested with any test that measures "Executive Function". eg Trails A, Trails B, Tower of London, and, i think, the Wisconsin Card Sort Test (WCST)

I don't know if all ADHDers have impaired executive function, but i think that most do.

Exec. Function is in the frontal lobes, IIRC (if i recall correctly). It occur alongside other problems besides ADHD, too. (eg dementias; brain injuries; stroke; FAS; extreme stress)

Some LDs can also cause problems in sequencing and conceptual functions.

11-24-06, 02:38 AM
My uneducated but experienced opinion is how close you are able to match their idea of thought organization . . . unless you took the test in your own home or the testing person looked inside your trunk they would not have a way to measure you physical organization literally. . . they probably test an ability to categorize or prioritize. . . . naturally these things measurements and scores based upon the non-ADD thinking style which is usually more linier. . . dyslexia will make ones thoughts appear disorganized simply because it is a deviation from the majority. . .having both almost guarantees a low score in this area. . . the trunk of my car is probably more organized than my scores say it should be!

I must keep in mind I am being measured according to styles of thinking that are much different than my own. If they measured my verbal ability using Chinese I would score low despite my ability to be articulate in English. . . .