View Full Version : two new and inspired sides or dish heroes!

11-26-06, 09:12 AM
I was incredibly inspired to make something to go with my chicken pie tonight, and while the chicken pie wasn't that great (way too many mushrooms which spoiled the flavour even after I took them out!), I'm so glad that my inspired sides worked out.

These could be served on individual plates, or put in a big bowl in the middle of the table for individual servings. Either way, they will be coming back for more.... too bad I was only cooking for one tonight!

Pan Fried Potatoes Allow 1 large potato per person cut into one inch slices, par boil in microwave, drain and cool. Cut into 1 inch cubes. Heat oil in large frying pan, add potatoes, 1cm square slices of brown onion, and bacon if desired. Fry and add generous amounts of salt, pepper, and powdered chicken stock. Drain on paper towel. Delicious!

Pressed tomatoes and fried green baby peas pan fry cherry tomatoes in small amount of oil (about 10 per person), add already heated* frozen peas (about 1/4 cup per person), stir and fry on low heat. Gently press tomatoes with slotted turner, turn off heat. Add generous salt and pepper. Add one teaspoon each of chilli sauce and soy sauce per person, stir in and fry off with remaining heat. Let sit, press a final time with the slotted turner. Drizzle over chicken. Delicious!

* Please please please do not try to add a big lump full of frozen peas to your sizzling frying pan - the best case scenario is that they are charred on the outside but still cold, the worst case is that there are so many peas that the contrast of hot and cold cracks your pan.


TOMATOES: your tomatoes should still remain whole/ individual recognisable tomatoes, but the more juice that comes out the better

PEAS: please remember - peas are GREEN not GREY... don't overcook your peas. 30 seconds in the microwave should be enough if you're serving upto 3 people with the peas.

don't use mint peas it will ruin the flavour.

use baby peas, they are smaller and sweeter

PEPPER AND SALT: use a pepper grinder, not pre-powdered pepper, or it will not be as good, and won't look as good. big black bits add to the effect and are nice. powdered pepper is terrible - if you own a packet, please dispose of it and buy yourself a grinder and some pepper corns. Buy a salt grinder and rock salt while you're at it!

I hope you enjoy these. They turned out well for me. Pretty good for a 'throw together' - i just knew that with the potatoes i needed little squares, and i needed pepper and salt, and that I neeeded to choose about 3 different sauces or things out of the pantry for the entire meal. My bases were - GOOD quality powdered chicken stock from a tin (you just pinch and sprinkle it on), chilli sauce (not sweet), and soy sauce (real soy sauce, not ketjap manis).