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12-16-03, 10:52 AM
REDMOND, Wash. - Microsoft Corp. will stop offering support services next month for computer users whose machines are still running Windows 98, though the company said it might still release security patches if threats appear serious enough.

About 20 percent of all Windows-based computers still run Windows 95 or 98, according to International Data Corp., a technology market research firm. Support for Windows 95 stopped Dec. 31, 2001.

People whose machines run Windows 98 will not be able to call Microsoft for help after Jan. 16. Online assistance will still be available.

Analysts said the support phase-out should not cause major problems, in part because businesses the largest segment of the PC market generally upgrade their computers every three to five years.

"I don't think anybody's freaking out about it," said Jupiter Research analyst Joe Wilcox. "One, the operating systems are very old and I don't believe a large number of businesses are using (them) in critical areas. Two ... there's an ample warning that these products are end-of-life."

Wilcox argued that consumers have better reasons to upgrade than the approaching end of support.

"Those older operating systems, as long as they're kicking around, they're potential security problems for every company that uses them," Wilcox said. "They weren't built with encryption of data in mind. A lot of information is transmitted, passwords and things, as clear text. If you're looking for a good way to allow a virus on a network or allow it to be hacked, keep running these older operating systems."

12-16-03, 12:08 PM
Dragon Dictate for DOS and
Dragon Dictate for Windows 3.1

were excellent products for the disabled.

they do not work on NT style OSes. there are no "current products" that do what those did, the way those did, that worked so well for the disabled.

Don't pitch your original 98 CDs!


12-16-03, 12:11 PM
Who are they kidding?

Nobody ever had any luck calling them for help with these products before!

12-16-03, 12:13 PM
Mass confusion....brought to you by the geniuses at Microsoft.

12-16-03, 02:39 PM
"Linux is not The Answer. Yes is the answer. Linux is The Question"

< soapbox >

Linux comes in all flavours, sizes and descriptions. It has many forms and likely one to fit your needs. It's a new way of developing software and is an interesting and powerful threat to the likes of Micro$oft and others who tend to want have an exclusive monopoly.

Here is a way to get introduced without much pain, and a whole lot of eye candy.

This is a guide written by a Canadian family in north Ontario I believe. These are extraordinarily high quality help files M$ only dreams of being able to offer.

This is an interesting paper on the shift that is making such a wildly successful entry into the world of software can happen without the "cathedral"... or in spite of it.

Linux is a free operating system. Free as in free speech. You can pay for a boxed set of cd's and a manual or you can download it for free. There are many places you can buy it for $5 per disk. is one I've used.

I can read and write M$ specific files for M$word and Excel with ease. I can have both winders and Linux on the same machine with ease.

I've run Linux for four years and our family lives there.

The world is changing. I see a big IBM commercial posted yesterday bringing Linux right to the publics top attention.

The story of Linux makes amazing reading. One serious look at the history is "Rebel Code" by Gwyn Moody. A good read not without humour.

I was sick of virus trouble, rebooting, BSOD, reinstalling, and all that goes with running M$ proprietary software. Free software is a viable option and although not perfect my bug reports are taken seriously and actually fixed in my lifetime.

I consider myself and millions of others to be part of the answer.

Another cool aspect of Linux is the community attitude. There is likely a Linux Users Group near you. Many of them hold an "installfest" periodically. During these installfests the public is encouraged to bring their machines and have a group of Linux fans help you install and aquaint you with the operating system. It can be a lot of fun and if worst comes to worst it's someone else's mess. < g > I've had a really good time at installfests. Strangely enough it was women seeking Linux more than men.. hmmm I've always wondered what that was all about.

There are things you can do other than gripe about Mircro$oft and Linux is a good one. The price is certainly right and I don't have to steal anything to do what I need to with a computer.

< / soapbox >

Well.. my evangelising is now comming to a close.. sigh.. I'll put the bit back in my mouth and go back to work where I belong.

12-17-03, 07:46 AM
I bought a Mac, after discovering that Linux woul dnot run on my sabotaged (by Microsoft) laptop computer, or my various PCss, because of Windows modems, Windows vidoe cards, etc.

Even when I booted Linux, to my sheer terror i saw a MICROSOFT copy right message go by when the mouse driver loaded! EEEKK!!!! I ran screaming from the room! No WaY to get away from Billy Gates?

12-17-03, 10:08 AM
Even the Apple people finally woke up to the facts of open source development and the merits of Linux, FreeBSD with the Darwin kernel you might be running.

Your Mac is likely benefiting from the very development model on their kernel that I described above. Eric Raymods paper linked above addresses the model. I think Darwin came into the stream with OSX.

What distribution were you trying to install that used a Mircro$oft mouse driver? This sounds highly unlikely and completely unprecedented.

Mac's are not for the poor of the world.. They have a nasty habit of pulling the rug out from under their client base and abandoning their software.. which often abandons their hardware. Mac used to have some advantages over other options due to the Apple emphasis on graphics applications but I don't believe that to be true any more and even if it is it's a marginal advantage.

I will say that the Mac has two things going for it. One is an unbelievably loyal fan base. Two is it's appearance. It looks by far and away the slickest default desktop environment on the market.

However.. with Linux you can have it pretty much the way you want it.. which is often hard for people that have not run Linux to grasp. I have six desktops that I can scroll through with my wheel mouse. The first if for all the instant messaging clients. The second is for my mail client. The third has my newsgroup reader. The fourth has a multi tabbed shell environment for command line access. The fifth is free and open to ideas.. the sixth has my browser running. All windows within this environment are tabbed which stacks the windows on top of each other with a marked tab at the top so you can see what is available at the top of the screen. I run one of many desktop managers for Linux. My current favourite is fluxbox. Check out the screen shots if you wish.

KDE and Gnome are the two most popular environments and screenshots can of them can be seen below. The are much more along the bloated line of developement akin to M$ and Mac.

I went into a motel last year and found a pc in the room. It had a single NIC in a P2 box with 128 megs pc133 ram. The desktop was a dead ringer for winduhs XP. Under the hood they were running Linux. Days Inn in Brandon Manitoba has 63 rooms rigged like this and I bet there was more spent on cable than on software. Employed a few sharp people with a better idea too. With the XP clone desktop users did not even have to adapt. I'll bet the hounds at Mircro$oft are on their tail.

Boot to a Knoppix disc if you want to see how the development curve is coming along.

When Mac went to the Darwin kernel they saved themselves from destruction. By doing so they again became the better option for Micro$oft users.

But for those that need the best for all the reasons stated already both mechanically and socially GNU/Linux is the best choice. All the control all the time and the price.. did I mention the price? heh

Wheel please get back to me on the mouse driver question. That just isn't right. Is it possible that you goofed?

Cheers! Ian

12-17-03, 11:18 AM
Linux is for people who are true geeks... the average computer user isn't equipped to deal with the thought of using Linux to run their PC, and while we might think it's a wonderful idea (I've considered it myself) your average computer user... likely the people who are STILL using Win 95 or Win 98, will never, ever, ever move to Linux. If they're still using Win 95 or Win 98, chances are they haven't upgraded their PC's in several years... which means they aren't likely to be overly technically oriented towards computers in the first place.

12-17-03, 11:28 AM
Originally posted by itschaotic
Even the Apple people finally woke up to the facts of open source development and the merits of Linux, FreeBSD with the Darwin kernel you might be running.

Cheers! Ian

It wasn't the ONLY Microsoft copyright that went by either... RED HAT 5.2

I used to program in assembler.

I have a floppy disk drive that reported the side , head and sector that was being read, on the drive.

I liked control, until i couldn't get any.

UNIX and LINUX play with my dyslexia... I can't do letter soup commands with 20 character streams after them with out
1) explanation
2) macros to do the typing!

OS X is BSD Unix... and it really works. I just wish JAVA were better supported.

Ah well.

12-17-03, 11:43 AM
unreal33 I don't think you have looked recently. Try booting to a Knoppix disc and have a look at how far it's come... and where it's going. I beg to differ.

Wheel.. RH 5.2 is ancient history. Check out a Knoppix disc.. there is little or no need for command line anymore..

Cheers! Ian.