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11-27-06, 12:53 PM

I'm a 19 year old college student who just had an evulation for ADHD... I had always avoided it in the past; I suffer from chronic migraines and have had run-in's with just about every type of medicine there is which has made me "drug" weary.

Anyways I just got perscriped Metadate CD 30mg once daily by my physician. I haven't really noticed any huge differences (I've only been on it for a couple of days) either up or down... I don't even notice an increase/decrease in cardiovascular system. Infact I've been findind myself somewhat lethargic... I wake up around 8am usually and don't end up getting to bed until around 12am. I've noticed that towards the earlier part of the evening I've been having really strange mental crashes - around 3 or 4 I'm just bombed out of my mind... completely unmotivated and extremely tired. This is not good; because at 4pm I'm just starting in for the night usually - especially with my finals coming up.

Would it be appropriate to ask my physician to up my dosage so I don't crash? Has anyone taken Metadate CD and previously used other medications (Like Ritalin, Concerta, Adderal, ETC) and have a comparison between them for their ADHD? I don't really have any friends that have ADHD and the whole subject is somewhat taboo.

11-27-06, 03:09 PM
So this is my first day back for classes... I'm not sure if my recent t-giving break vacation has anything to do with it or not but...

I'm noticing that my recently diagnosed ADD to be exceedling worse Today for some reason, and I dosed with metdate CD around 8 this morning. I'm known for spacing out and caring on coversations, taking notes, watching tv, etc... But I'm finding myself unable to focus, I loose my train of though mid-sentence and I've had some simple spelling issues today where I had to stop and think about how to spell a word. Also in one of my discussions I found myself ridiculously distracted and self-concious which is strange because I'm general quite the opposite. I know I knew the material better than most in the room and I actually stuttered for anwsers on a few questions (That seldom happens).

I'm not sure if I'm paranoid...but it feels like I'm even more inattentive than I was previously.

I'm not doing bad in school by any means, it's quite possible that I come out of this semester with an A average...Given I had to work my *** off and I'm very ineffecient because I'm easily distracted by sounds, lights, and my own wandering thoughts.

Has anyone with ADD had a similair exprience with this type of drug before?

11-27-06, 03:16 PM
Welcome! I had lots to learn about myself and ADD after I got diagnosed. Turned out the world was quite different than I had thought. Maybe you are in a similar situation. These forums are a good place to get oriented. There are lots of good books as well. If you want a single book to start with I recommend "Delivered from Distraction" by Hallowell and Ratey.

Absolutely talk to your doc about the experience with your meds. Type, amount, timing all take some adjusting; vary from person to person; and can't be predicted very well.

One way to handle afternoon "crashes" is to split the dose. Take part in the morning and part at lunchtime. It's what I try to do, but I'm pretty forgetful about the noon dose. But talk to your doc about it.

I take 40mg Adderall without any noticible cardiovascular effects. I take that as a good sign.

11-27-06, 03:19 PM
Days are never all the same, meds or no meds. Write down these kinds of things so you can share them with your doc. And keep track over several days.

11-27-06, 03:36 PM
I'm just sensing an unsual sense of ambilence running amok around my "mindbody" right now... I've got a very long history; short long of it last year I had 10 credits in high school and I was being pushed out of the school system due to a couple medical complications. I ended up making up a lot of credits in a very short amount of time and then just taking my GED which I score favorably on (Enough so to grant me access to most of the traditional 4 year colleges in my area; so I'm with all of my friends).

My grades are respectable (It is likely that I will walk out of the semester with a solid A average if I can use my finals to keep my grades steady), I just had a vacation, and I'm out of a 5 year somewhat traumatic relationship and in the first stages of a new one (You know where you constantly get along with your signifigant other =P). So now seemed like the perfect oppurtunity to investigate this condition that several of my other family members demonstrate... Picked it up, took it, came back into the with a foot up and most of this semesters challenges behind me and yet I'm feeling hopelessly scattered, inappropriately self-concious and distracted as a whole.

11-28-06, 09:40 PM
Hi Vivek. I'm also in college right now--grad school, but I understand the pressures.
Listen, I think it's totally appropriate for you to call your clinic or physician and ask for an immediate appointment due to your circumstances, but no one but they can tell you what would be right for you right now. My experience is that meds don't generally help you in crunch time. The crunch comes, and you either perform or you don't. Meds are generally too late, and if you up stuff too fast, you know that it can be more distracting and problematic than the condition you're trying to relieve.

I don't know where you go to school, but ADHD shouldn't be taboo anywhere. Private, maybe, but not taboo. And if you're in a state or nationally accredited school of any kind, there should be accomodations to help you address your academic difficulties. My disabilities office has many resources, including counseling and coaching and help getting accomodations from professors.

Don't discount direct face time (i.e. office hours) with professors to tell them what's going on in the most general terms. Believe it or not, most actually want to help students succeed, but office hours or personal appointments are the most under-utilized resource on campus. They're there. It's not too late to go talk to people. They would know better than anyone here what campus resources might be available to help you. Let me say's NOT taboo. It's only as taboo as you make it. Once you say it out loud to someone who cares, unless they run screaming with their hands in the air, it's likely that you just popped the bubble of "taboo" right there.

Hope this helps. I'm struggling through school as well...always have.