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12-05-06, 01:36 AM
Quick introduction of myself, Im Collin and Im a college student.

Well anyways, I have trouble focusing in class (we all do right? lol), not studying and what not.

Long story short, a friend told me about Adderall, gave me a pill to study with and it worked like a champ. Got a good test grade today and all in all am happy.

Now what I am asking is what is the whole process to get diagnosed/prescribed?

Sorry, this has probably been asked many times.


12-05-06, 01:33 PM
The first thing you want to do is get an appointment with Psychologist or clinical social worker who is up to date on ADHD and is able to diagnose it. They will go through a series of questions about your history to determine the symptoms and the type of ADHD that you have...or any other conditions that may also be present. Depending on the diagnosis you will be refered to a Psyciatrist for confirmation and discuss a treatment plan (psychotherapy and medication). Medication helps the symptoms but there's also the behavioral/habit stuff that has developed over time that you will want to work out with a psychologist, social worker or ADHD coach.

There's plenty of good books out there on the subject. If you can't focus that long on a book like some of us :D you may want to look into audio books. Personnaly I liked "Delivered from Distraction" by Ed Hallowell. It is a good book which gives you details of the process of diagnosis, the different types of ADHD, testing criteria and treatment options. There is also some good case studies of people he has treated. He also talks about all the positive traits of being ADHD!

Oh... where you are a college student you may not want to mention the trying someone elses Adderall thing :cool:... Stimulant abuse is a big concern in colleges and doctors are a bit sensitive about perscribing to college age students. IMHO.

Good luck. Educate yourself as much as possible on the subject and this forum is a great place to start.

12-05-06, 05:50 PM
All i'd say is that you should talk to a high quality psychiatrist and be extremely honest. Although that pill probably gave you a nice boost for a cram night it doesn't mean that you are ADHD. If you are, you should consider meds. If, on the other hand, you are not, you really should NOT take medication.

Adderall is a mixture of salted amphetamines. They are a dangerous and highly addictive drug. If you don't NEED to take them, you really shouldn't. Additionally, if you do have ADHD, you should only take PRECISELY your prescribed dosages. While the chances of adverse effects occuring in prescription doses are low, they do occasionally occur.

Please don't take adderall again if it not prescribed to you. It is a violation of academic integrity and is dangerous to your body.

One last thing, adderall will not make you want to study or pay attention in school. That is a common misconception. The truth is that it will allow you to pay attention and focus if you choose to. Big difference.

12-05-06, 06:58 PM

I really understand now. Thanks for the help!

What would the signs/symptoms be to be diagnosed with ADD or ADHD? I am really skeptical on this.

Also to the last post... I do realize that it doesn't MAKE you want to study, but it helps you if you choose to.