View Full Version : And it happens again.

12-05-06, 02:09 AM
I will be a bit lazy and do an introduction later, I'm undiagnosed but trying to get an appointment,

..Need to vent a bit..

Recently I got a new job, after being at a place I hated, or thought I hated, though it was "uninteresting" and I couldn't stand it, agonizing about it each morning, building up dislike against persons around me with a higher position, and suffering from the regular extreme case of procrastination.

I think the job was a bit lacking in checking up on my progress, so it was easy to get away with "not working" at many times, doing the internet-thing, being distracted by everything.

So eventually I got a great opportunity and a great new job, the best I can imagine atm, good pay, interesting media-related industry job working on an awesome project.

But four days into the job I start going into a major lack of creativity, starting to get irritated on people, starting to believe that I "hate my job" and just want to do something else, while another part of me still knows it's a really interesting job, my interest just died after a few days and now it's getting harder to do something done the right way.

I never show suchs things on my outside, but on the inside it really eats on me.

Oh well, except for that I'm quiet happy, happily.

12-12-06, 04:13 PM

I feel your pain. I think I've spent the last 22 years defining "what I don't want to be when I grow up!" Still looking for my 'niche' and I'm 43 years old.

At least you're leaving jobs of your own volition. I've been fired from my last 2. The second being just today!


Have you EVER felt a real passion for any type of work? That might be a place to start looking if you ever what to break this pattern.