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12-07-06, 03:11 AM
A Reflection on WILDFLOWERS, lyrics by Tom Petty (modified to express the heart of this teacher, the heart of a teacher who wants to teach them to be free..Walling Sullivan,2006)

You belong among the wildflowers
You belong in a classroom that is free
Sail away, teach them for hours
You belong somewhere you feel free
Run away, find and discover
Ways to teach that are bright and new
For you want to be like no other
No one who teaches just like you


I belong among the wildflowers
I belong in classroom that is free
I belong with the wildflower children
I belong somewhere they can be free
Run away, find and discover
Run away, let my heart be my guide
I know that of learning I'm a lover
I belong in that classroom by and by
I belong among the wildflowers
I long to be valued for me
Far away conformity and worry
I belong somewhere I can teach free
I belong somewhere students can learn free.

Original Lyrics-Tom Petty-Wildflowers (

12-07-06, 03:18 AM
Why Must Flowers Be Red?

The children like Jell-O,
Poured into a mold,
Red flowers to become,
Yet all the colors of the rainbow are there
And I see every one
Some children try to be red flowers,
To make their leaves be green.
Others know they never can be red,
Or their leaves so green.
All they ask is to be seen
In ways they never have been seen.

How many of these flowers are wilting,
Dying more each day?
Is it because in so many schools we say;
There is no need to teach them any other way?
This is the way it always has been done?
Textbooks, pencils, papers, pens,
Is this where real learning begins?
Tests and scores and sitting still,
Memorizing for the drill.
Fill out worksheets, take a test,
Study harder, do your best.
If you fail you did not try,
You are not motivated, tell me why.

Copyright 2006, Walling Sullivan

12-12-06, 07:58 PM
Aedh Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven (
LibriVox (

William Butler Yeats, Read by yours truly! This is my first attempt at recording literature. More to come.

This poem is in the public domain, no longer under copywrite law.