View Full Version : books to help with accepting adhd

12-07-06, 06:30 PM
Can someone give me the name of a few books that could help with understanding and learning to accept ADHD. Im in high school and my biggest problem lately has been accepting my ADHD. Is there any books I could read that might help me with that?

12-08-06, 12:03 AM
I haven't read a lot of books on ADHD, but I really, really liked Delivered from Distraction by Dr. Hallowell (sp?). It's just such a well written book, and very supportive right from the get go. And maybe it's because Dr. Hallowell has ADHD himself, but he really knows how to take all of the emotions that come with ADHD and help you to see ADHD in a more positive light. I rarely see books that seem to "get" ADHD the way this book does.