View Full Version : i'm feeling a little funky!

12-09-06, 07:08 PM
its day 5 on adderall now, i should be adjusting more, but nothing feels different in terms of effectiveness! i feel weird though, like not myself... when it wears off later in the day i feel like a different person was doing whatever it is that i did that day and i was just like watching a movie of it. and when it's "working" or whatever for like about 6 hours, i am agitated if i am not engaged in something. its transient though, i'll be angry for like 30 seconds if i am not reading something or playing something or listening to music. as soon as i start to do something though i feel better. its almost like the adderall is like forcing me to do something by getting me angry if i don't. plus i feel really cautious and shy now, which isn't me... so i guess its working on the "impulsiveness". i don't feel it kick in though... its not like "okay now i can read this paper", its like wow i feel kinda weird and emotional. is this normal? prob not. i was happier before, but i don't think i've given this a fair chance, its only 5 days. i'll give it the rest of the month.

hm ok this post was pointless. i guess i'll ask a question.

does anyone else feel kinda funky (emotions & personality-wise) ever when on meds?

12-10-06, 04:09 PM
does anyone else feel kinda funky (emotions & personality-wise) ever when on meds?Not me. Adderall IR improved my mood, temper, sence of well-being, social anxiety, attention, etc. from the very beginning. It can take time to tell and each med effects each person differently.

It may not be the right med for you. Talk to your doctor about it. As you know, there are lots of options.