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12-10-06, 05:14 PM
Hi y'all!
I was recently dx'ed with ADHD & am currently going to counseling. I've also realized today (after my 3rd fender bender in 8 weeks) that I prob. need medication. I researched the "MVA" (Motor Vehicle Accident) thing and ADHD to see if the two may be related and.... (

Now, I look back @ the accidents I've had & it makes sense. I am a VERY CAREFUL driver - aware of other drivers, drive the speed limit, use my turn signal, etc. However... What th':confused:

Basically, I've been trying to do this on my own - after all: I recently went back to collegs & made Phi Theta Kappa & National Dean's List, so what CAN'T I handle?? ADHD - THAT'S WHAT.

Little bio:
Married 9 yrs in April
2 daughters - jr. high & elem.
3 cats, 2 dogs, 3 horses :D
12 jobs in the last 14 years:
7 of which I left [moved or another job offer back into my field]
1: I was a temp/intern, but had I stayed one more day, I'd have either quit, or gotten fired (me & my supv got into it)
1: I resigned from for health reasons (severe post-partum) but I believe I was on my way out there, too. The Dr recommended my going to dayshift due to health reasons, and that request was denied by my employer....twice. So, I left.
3: I was fired.

I hope and pray that the job I have now is one from which I retire. I absolutely love it here & my boss is very family-oriented, laid back, etc. The guy that I replaced was always getting into trouble yet was allowed to keep his job for a longgg time. Much longer than most bosses would've allowed.

I love life, normally have great self-esteem UNTIL I do stupid LITTLE things or blurt stuff out I need to apologize for later on. That is when I feel like an idiot & go thru the whole "What the h*** is wrong with me????" phase.

I've lost jobs due to my "attitude" problem (before AND after my dx) & recently got hired again & to be honest: I'm scared. Scared I'll screw up.

I tend to stand up for people - others first, then myself; and at the time, in the heat of passion, I never give a crap who's around or who I **** off. Until afterwards - my cooloff is just as quick, and it's then when I go, "Oh, crap..."

I've done enough self-realization and coaching to be really quiet at first - at meetings, social functions, new jobs, etc - keeping my opinion to myself and stuff.

I also make lists - on-going grocery list, errands (I number them, too), bills (although they're autopay, I mark them on a calendar), even at home when I'm overwhelmed with domestic duties, I make a detailed list & check as I go so I feel like I accomplished something.

I have a hard time reading long posts, emails, etc. (which has caused problems @ work) in that I start at the end or in the middle. I have to MAKE myself start at the very first word & read left to right very deliberately.

Hence, my multiple paragraphs, instead of ONE LONGGGG paragraph with an occassional period or comma which makes me do this :eek:

When people talk to me & it takes more than 60 seconds, I zone out. This, too, has caused problems @ work. It takes so much out of me to MAKE myself REALLY hear what they're saying - but once I DO get it, I have a visual picture & remember stuff later.

Wow! This was a long post!!

So, I'm here to observe & HOPEFULLY be understood.

Thanks y'all!!!
(Yes....I said Y'ALL....LOL:faint: )

07-17-08, 10:37 PM
Geez.... the long super-topic babble sounds so much like what I do its scary xDDD It's like i'm your clone or something (you're older then me so I would probably be the clone xDD)

Seriously, its creepy how much it sounded like I was talking when I read your post.... awesome xDDD *high-five*