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12-11-06, 06:49 PM
Hi all!

I don't have a website yet. I started one once, but it was before its time. Now it is time. I want to create a website for people with invisible or hidden disabilities that affect their ability to learn. Not a forum, but an informational, educational site. The initial focus will be on ADD and LD. Yes, I would like it to make enough money to be self-supporting-break-even on costs.

I am in the planning stages of deciding the content and how to present it. Think of it as ADD/LD 401, advanced living with disabilities. This will have much more depth and focus on eduction, not what is it, diagnosis, and treatment. There will be 4 basic areas-Teachers, Parents, Students, Young Children, and Workplace (eventually). The site would include links, articles, downloadable forms, lessons, articles, and so on. These are my ideas right now:

Info for teachers

understanding the disabilities
diversifying instruction
effective and easy to implement teaching methods

Info for parents

typical accommodations
practical ways to help child in school
maneuvering the IEP process-empowering them with knowledge

Info on child development and young children of parents w/disabilities

developmental milestones
enriching the home environment
parenting difficult children
parenting skills and adaptations for parents with ADD

Info for teachers with ADD

classroom management

Students-High school

learning styles
inspirational stories
study methods
confidence building

Resources on ADA, IEP, 504,

college level

college students with hidden disabilities

working with disabilty offices
study skills

I would love to get input from people on the forum. I need to start small and expand. Share with me what you most need or see as most important. Ideas of all kinds accepted. That is the only way to have a good idea! This will take time-I don't plan on rushing into it. I will design and plan it thoroughly before putting it on the web. I need to make sure it is not just "another" ADD site. There is a real need for something that is not a basic ADD info site.

Thanks for reading and adding input,

12-12-06, 02:57 PM
would love all the info you just said raddmom an i have a look around for you an see what i can find out....alllways happy to help a freind....can you pm me an say what knind things your looking for from site way its buit give me an idea were to go then....

thanks radd mom for you time dorm x

12-14-06, 01:39 AM
Dorm and all, I am learning how to podcast-and.....I REALIZED THE POWER OF THE PODCAST FOR LEARNING DISABILITIES! Epihany strikes! Why not podcast the content on each page of a blog or website-or would should I say imbed an mp3 file with an audio version of the webpage?

All I need is to figure all this out! Heck, this would be easier than typing everything-I talk at ADD speed!

Basically, I can teach from cyberspace, no longer confined by walls or the printed word. Do I hear possibilties jumping up and down? Dog, I am excited!


12-21-06, 07:56 PM
well raddmom if theres any were i can help or others let us know yes iam existed to see your existed....iam shore you do well an the podcasting a brill idea xxx

good luck raddmomo go get them an have a woundlerfulll xmasss an new year 2007

dormy ;.)))))))

01-23-07, 02:22 AM
Can't wait to read this site and take alook at it, when will it be complete roughly.

01-23-07, 04:53 PM
I know you are full of idea RADD, and this is a very good idea. When you get ready to try some thing radical how about some LD information for the adult population that isn't necessarily in college.

There is a lot of stuff on LDs and school but reading problems also affect those of us who do not go to school. We still have to read and write.Writting still sucks tooo. Just my 2 cents any way.

If I can help you you know where to find me.