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12-17-06, 04:49 AM
hi i have been hyper mentaly & physicaly my whole life. i was diagnozed at 22 with hyperactive & innatentive mind mindstate. basically severe ADHD. have been prescribed 4 anttidepreesants in the pastb2 years which made matter s alot worse for anxiety & deppression relief. the doc that diagnozed me cant give me meds as for legal reasons. i have to get a flight down to london to the maudsley to be diagnozed formaly from a far awaay. i live in scotland where adults adhd does not exist supposedly so say the docs. All 100s of them. i can constantly hear my own voice in my head amongst everey other stimuli a person has to deal with. this has caused mt to give up my life completely i mean not even leaving the house or comunicating whith anybody. Anybody out ther struugling? sorry fast typing ye....