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12-18-06, 08:58 PM
I just think it's nothing short of disgusting how people who believe they have adhd in the uk are rejected so often by the NHS. We are lucky if we even get a chance to speak with someone who believes it exists let a lone a diagnosis. i have been trying for two and a half years and still no joy.The odd glimmer of hope though, Ive found a doctor who thinks I have it but now it comes down to PCT funding, referral lists etc. Ultimately...nhs politics. It's really distressing and to think there are so many people in the same situation is horrible. Without ranting on too much, we are paying for a health service that isn't giving us value for money. So far, I've been quite passive with it all and appearing patient(whilst inside I'm screaming) but I think now i need to muster up all the courage I have and assert myself without being aggresive. I gave up last year after fruitlesly pushing for a diagnosis but Ive come to realise that it's not acceptable for ANYBODY who thinks they have a medical problem, not to be properly listened to by the right people. So I'm back with a vengance :cool:

What also surprises me is reading the endless posts where people ask if anyone nows any nhs or private consultants in the uk and finding that there havent been that many suggestions. Is that a mirror of how few there are in the country? Searching the internet is difficult to because your bombarded with sites like "try our medication free adhd programme" etc. So hopefully on this thread we can share as many consultants,phsyvchiatrists, gp's, private clinics that we know of, whether they are for children or adults. Im sure the ones who treat children will have contacts.

So far Ive found that the two NHS clinics are:

Maudsley Hospital

Addenbrookes Hospital

And a private clinic: (

And a private consultant who treats children:

Dr Tamni - Leicester Nufield Hospital

Anymore would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :)

12-18-06, 09:14 PM
Psychiatrists fail miserably at diagnosing ADHD.

It is best to see a Psychologist and get the various TEST BATTERIES done, and a WRITTEN REPORT written up to show ADHD and/or Executive Dysfunction.

Unfortunately, Government Health plans like those in the UK or Canada or the USA do not cover Psychological Testing Batteries.

Many POST-SECONDARY INSTITUTIONS, however, have Bursaries and Grants for paying for this TESTING.

This is how I got my $1200 of Psychoeducational Testing here in Canada.

12-19-06, 09:56 AM
If you are in school and in the UK then it's alot easier to get listened to if the teachers or parents believe you have a condition. They can then get you tested through school.

Getting tested out of school is extremely hard and the NHS takes far too long. If anybody wants to get a diagnosis fast, and out of school, then private is the ony way.

Then there is the problem of finding a private doctor who can diagnose and treat you, another problem is money.

I was lucky enough to get diagnosed through school.

I don't know of any clinics or doctors at the moment, but if I come across any then I will post them here.

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09-07-08, 05:38 PM
I was fairly lucky when at college, but once turning 18 then the GPs where GASH.

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01-22-10, 02:51 PM
Hi there

I feel for you. We have a 4 year old with ADHD. He has always been a hugh 'challenge' since birth & we always knew that something was wrong.

It's taken a huge amount of persuasion over the last 18 months for anyone to listen to me because of his age but I finally found a consultant who would listen. His diagnoisis is 'probable ADHD' & he has been prescribed Ritalin but she knows (along with the Educational Psycologist) that he has ADHD.

Don't give up. What I did was put it all my concerns in writting, copy in everyone (doctor, health visitor, peadiatrition etc) involved & I had to stamp my feet a bit. In the end two assessments proved I was right.

We saw a specialist in Autistic spectrum disorder at Hinchingbrook (Cambridgeshire).

All I can say is that keep standing by what you believe in and if you can get anyone on side then use them to support you.

Good luck :)

01-26-10, 06:48 PM
I'm in Scotland and was recieving treatment fine until I was 16/17 and then it all stopped (diagnosed at 7 but took two years), I'm 26 now and had to fight every step of the way to get the meds back. Nobody is interested up here in adults with the condition.
All I've got is a GP (general practitioner) handing out a prescription every month, taking my blood pressure every once in a while and asking me occasionally if 'I'm okay'.
It's taken a social worker getting involved (long story involving police/court for them to get involved...) for any further progress to be made - social worker referred me to the ADHD & Autism centre in the city and so far all I've got back is a letter as asking me to confirm my birthdate (which leads me to believe they're not going to entertain me as I'm 26).

The whole thing is incredibly frustrating and on occasion, quite infuriating.


08-02-10, 11:33 PM
I dont even know what to write about my experiences with the NHS,

One and a half years of too and from docs,

Finally i think we are getting somewhere...but not sure what they are planning next.

I want some clarity on the subject/me my situation and for my new family.

It's true.....we can not even tell our own families,well i did and any one else who would listen,worst thing to do ever!(without thinking for a year in advance)

Funny how-we turn for support and the crowd that gathered around us so suddenly disappear so quick.

This cuntree is crap.

09-12-10, 08:07 PM
keep diging with it, the maudsly seems a popular 1, no matter how far away you are, but there can be local ones, just keep looking. your local primary care trust PCT waste of space, usualy dont have a clue or try to hide things that help, NHS i dont get, post code lottery, if cild is under 16 all good, but get an advocate - CAB, Welfare Rights etc, you might strike lucky amd get right person.