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12-19-06, 09:02 PM
Well, if you haven't guessed by now, is on the top 3 list of favorite Web sites. They have been previewing chapters of their newly released book and today's entry is right on for anyone with ADD.

Lifehacker Book Preview, Chapter 8: Kickstart Your Productivity (

Hack 60: Make Your To-Do's Doable (All, Easy)

Hack 61: Set Up a Morning Dash (All, Easy)

Hack 62: Map Your Time (All (with a spreadsheet or calendaring program), All)

Hack 63: Quick-Log Your Work Day (All, Easy)

Hack 64: Dash Through Tasks with a Timer (All, Easy)

Hack 65: Control Your Workday (All, Easy)

Hack 66: Turn Tasks into Gameplay (All, Easy)

Hack 67: Schedule Think Time (All, Easy)


01-04-07, 05:27 PM
Another great source for kicking off your day. Of course it is FREE!

<a href="">Emergent Task Planner 2007 Updates</a>

Here is what the author, David Seah, has to say about this tool he created:

So what is Emergent Task Planning? It’s a more directed version of Emergent Task Tracking (, which is the form that helps you figure out where your time is disappearing to. Emergent Task Planning, on the other hand, attempts to guide your effort for the day by using time boxing (

list the things you need to do for the day
estimate how long they’ll take (up to 4 hours…if it’s longer, break it up)
figure out where in the day you’ll do them
block out the time, and stick to the schedule
Think of it as a quickie day planning sheet.

I've printed off a few sheets and this one is a winner in my book. Soon as I get a new job :mad: I'll begin putting it to good use.