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12-20-06, 06:57 AM (

I bought this about 3 days ago. I've yet to get familiar with all the features, but I AM actually using it!!!! Which can't be said for the paper and pen method I've tried many times in the past. If anyone is as disorganized and unstructured as me, and perhaps "too spaced out" :faint: (yes, thank you pdoc! :p ), not to mention on the computer at least once a day, then this planner just might be a godsend of sorts. The webpage sounds too good to be true, but based on the 90-day money back guarantee, I decided to impuslively give it a whirl, and put it on my credit card. I am not disappointed. Anyway, if anyone has any questions about it, I'll try to answer as best I can.

If anyone else decides to try it as well, please do let me know, and please do follow-up with how it's working for you!