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12-21-06, 05:12 PM
Yes, this is my voice! These disembodies words have a cyber voice-ethereal isn't it?
I just realized this is the perfect place to put my readings -audio performances of poetry and fiction! Happy listening! Everything you listen to is in the public domain. NO COPYRIGHTS, ABSOLUTELY FREE TO DOWNLOAD IF YOU WISH! That is the whole purpose of volunteering for Librivox.
The LibriVox PodCast with My Monologue ( (at the beginning)
To my friends with dyslexia, browze the index at Gutenberg Project, then let me know if there is a book you would like to hear.

All my work is downloadable in mp3 format.

Folk Ballads, read not sung, as in shaken, not stirred
Bile Them Cabbage Down (
Marine Hymn (
Red River Valley (
Yellow Rose of Texas (
Goober Peas (
Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies (