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12-21-06, 10:20 PM
I've been seeing this s/w for about hmm six months maybe a little longer. It's a struggle when i see him since alot of my promblems have been more physlogical ie thyroid enlargement that causes hyp0 and hyper thyroidisim.

I did learn about medatations and congetive disortations which really really helped.

The delima is not sure what kind of help I should be looking from him.

The marjority of the promblems seem more social communication type stuff ,and relationship woos. At this present time i do have depression like syptoms been sleeping a ton not sure if it's all thyroid or both depression and thyroid.

Any tips though i guess what i"m trying to say how do i get the most out of therapy when i'm not really sure what i need more work on. What issues are unresloved


12-21-06, 10:33 PM
Well, first get to a doctor and get a diagnosis. Maybe the social worker can point you to a therapist or a doctor who can offer advice on what treatment might be helpful.

Me :D

12-21-06, 11:18 PM
never underestimate the power of Thyroid Problems. they can poison the body and brain. (thyroid storm; myxedema, etc).

my mom has a friend who had to put her kids in foster care. she could not care for them, literally, due to low thyroid (Hashimoto's disease). noone knew what her problem was.

i know another guy who is going blind with thyrotoxicosis (thyroid poisoning; bulging wall-eyes of severely progressed Grave's Disease). He is also blowing out his heart and brain due to refusing treatment; high thyroid can destroy the heart and brain's blood vessels. (He is homeless and has low IQ issues; high thyroid is causing behavioural issues, and aggravates a head injury he also had; makes him more hyper and more easily agitated.)

never underestimate the power of a dysfunctional thyroid to cause serious serious problems.