View Full Version : The Awakening

12-22-06, 11:38 PM
Pay attention to your dreams - God's angels often speak directly to our hearts when we are asleep. ~Eileen Elias Freeman

Like an new Angel just created by her maker. I awoke and opened my eyes to find myself standing in my new world.

Standing in awe at all the creations I had never seen, heard, smelled, tasted, or felt.

Squinting against the bright light of life in her all glory.

Startled by all the sounds of nature's music, resounding in perfect harmony and melody

Enchanted by all the smells of life flowing it could almost be tasted, so real it seemed I could reach out and touch each aroma

Swallowing the sweet waters that quinched an ageless thirst, devoring the tree of lifes fruit , the nector filling a once starving soul

My being wrapped in warmth, she opened her wings and showed me all of her glory
Life and light ebbing into every fiber of my being

Healing old wounds, giving life to my once decaying spirit

Opening my eyes and removing the scales that kept me blind to all the world's beauty

Offering hope where there was only regret and despair

She lovingly waited patiently for me to gain my strength, gathering my courage I moved slowly out of her safe arms

Stepping into the breaking dawn, absorbing it's gentle rays, she nudges me forward onto a path

She raises her hand and points to the path ahead of me, I step forward then look back at her

So strong and beautiful she smiles at me, she never speaks a word but I hear her in my soul, in my spirit

This is your path, the one hidden so long by the darkness that left me lost and stumbling

I took another step, unsure and scared of the world so foreign to me, then I took another step forward

And I knew at that very moment I would never be alone again, never walk the path alone

I knew because I was no longer blind, and for every step I took forward I could see her there next to me

Her light shone on every stepping stone ahead of me and shone brighter every time the old darkness tried to come in

My steps came quicker and more steady, and every time I felt I might stumble she was there to steady me

And I knew

As long as I stayed in the light of her love, the darkness would never again consume me

Hope 11/26/06