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12-26-06, 01:56 AM
I have been messing up at work lately..I think because I hate my job right now for a variety of reasons. I am bored out of my mind-I am honestly too smart for the job. The workload is crazy due to staffing issues and that is wearing on people-no one wants to work in the department anymore. The managers are pushing HIGHER standards despite the fact there is not enough time in the day to meet these higher strandards. Everyone in the company knows it is a poor unit to work in right now. Despite the fact I was not happy at my job, it was at least somewhat bearable when I could do my job. I have been making mistakes in my work, and I recently got an informal warning from my boss because I forgot that I was working the late shift the one night and took the day off. The boss allowed me to take the day off. I totally forgot to check the schedule. I am getting to the point where it would be best if I got fired somehow, in a way that would allow me to collect unemployment temporarily until I find something new. I am not concerned about a reference since I work for a large corporation and all they do is give out dates of employment. I really don't know what to do anymore. I am really stressed and burned out. Maybe I could take disability??

12-26-06, 02:23 AM
I am going thru the same thing but I wouldn't think in terms of that mindset about unemployment & references. I hate my job as well but fighting like hell (likely a losing battle) to keep it just so I won't have to deal with the horrible stigma of being unemployed and having to explain not one but two terminations. ADHD or no ADHD 'reason for leaving' is something that is scrutinized heavily when you are not working or if you have been at several places for less than 2 years.

I know what you mean about bad managers. My Psyc doc put me on Prozac -- 20mg a day to help with the anxiety. He won't give me Adderall until I have a full medical evaluation to rule out other issues causing 'ADHD like symptoms' but at least I am not in a catatonic depressed unmotivated state anymore.

It is a very dangerous assumption to think that you will be able to rely on unemployment & a neutral reference policy when you are out of work.

Companies usually want full disclosure & insist on talking to a former supervisor, manager or someone who can give a detailed report on your work.

Use vacation or personal time to look for another job while you are still empolyed at your current company. Then you will an easier time and 'reason for leaving' won't be as much of an issue.

12-26-06, 02:40 AM
See the thing is I won't have a reference regardless of what happens at my current employer. I work for a large insurance company. My manager could not even give a reference to another department when I was thinking about applying for a job.They are that stringent. Another company will not be able to get anything out of this company regardless of what I do.

I was somewhat mistake free despite the ADHD until this burnout set in and I became deprssed The workload is insane. We had one girl already have a breakdown (she is out on disability) I really am not whining like a big baby. It is really taxing there.

I am on medication. If I don't get out of this funk, I may go back to my doc and see what I can do to get some prescribed time off-while I am off I will still be employed,...I am really not trying to milk the system. I am really that burned out and spent that I have become socially withdrawn and depressed

12-26-06, 08:57 PM
Pittguy I feel ya..... I actually sat DOWN with my boss and HR person a few months ago before being placed on my first 'PIP' explaining the ADHD (This is the second time I informed my boss of this) and bipolar (I am told to never tell anyone that part becuase it scares people...psh whatever. Its OUT THERE PEOPLE!!). They (along with my psychologist) suggested I take a short term dissability but when I ran it by my psychiatrist she didnt think it was necessary. At all.

Well I managed to get through the PIP just fine, and then BAM! I messed up something I had never done before and instantly placed on ANOTHER PIP that was to last a month (started this one on 12/12). I was on it for about a week and called out Wednesday (12/20) and went into work Thursday at 8:30am. No sooner than 8:45 I get an email from my boss to meet with both her and the woman from HR down in the HR office at 9am. From there I was told that things weren't working out. I became numb, and became an emotional mess after the HR woman (who I felt is genuinely nice, I can tell a BS artist) had my boss leave. It took time to get over the shock, being upset, get myself together and finally leave. Keep in mind, I wasnt upset about being let go, I was upset because I had failed. AGAIN.

I am fortunate to be at my parents because I need them and their support system right now. I feel so lost, angry, frustrated, depressed, confused and many other things. But I am glad Im away from the place that was making me so stressed and miserable beyond belief becuase I was DETERMINED to show I wasnt a failure. I no longer have to work through lunch unpaid because I was afraid of messing up and not getting enough accounts opened and cases done.

Overworked, stressed, depressed, anxiety and burnt out. I would rather leave those things behind and never look back. If you REALLY like this job, I would suggest the short term dissability. If you dont really love the job, take time during the time off to figure out what you REALLY want to do.

We all have WAY too much going for us here....a lot of us just dont know where to apply it or what we want to do (this would include me). Best of luck!