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12-20-03, 06:12 PM
This is Roll Call for those of you living in areas that we do not have listed at ADD Forums.

Please give a brief intro.

relationship to AD/HD

12-29-03, 02:55 AM

I'm not even sure yet that I have ADHD, but I strongly suspect I have had it for long. ADHD is probably not easy to diagnose, and there isn't enough known about it yet. I live in Pakistan, and am looking around for a psychiatrist that will help medetermine whether or not I am afflicted.

I have a history of poor performance and underachievement that goes back to adolescence. I am now 39 and never realised my potential. I suffer from poor self-esteem, disorganisation and a lack of focus. For several years now, in spite of an inborn intellectual curiosity, I have found it difficult to read entire books, managing only to read magazine articles or websites. I even find it difficult to commit myself to watching an entire movie; half-hour sitcoms are easier for me to commit to. I find it difficult to foolow through with any task/project I begin.

I hope we all find some help in dealing with our problem.


12-29-03, 02:45 PM
The Netherlands here.
And my relation to ADHD? I was born with it. Pretty much says it all methinks

05-18-04, 02:44 PM

i'm 36 years "old". i was diagnosed with a rare disorder called
p-acc (partial agenesis of the corpus callosum) and hydrocephalus about 2½ years ago. p-acc has "blessed" me with adhd and add with asperger syndrome traits...
i've been on concerta for about seven weeks, and it's worked "wonders" for me! :D

i'm a member of the local chapter of "attention" (swedish organization for people with any form of neuropsychiatric diagnosis), and a very active one, at that!

i live in a small apartment with my dog (a bearded collie), my books, my computer and cds. ;-)

feel free to email me - it's nice to get to know people! :)

take care!

10-16-04, 12:19 PM
Ryan, 54 yr. old, male, Irish.
Diagnosed, ADHD/SLD, 4 months ago.
on Consertaxl 54. mg.s per day.
getting used to "switched on brain", it's like starting allover again, learning to manage me
in a different way. here's to the future

10-16-04, 01:04 PM
Can you post a picture of your dog? Do you pull it's hair back away from his/her eyes or leave natural!
This was the same breed as featured in the long ago sit com My Three Sons, Scamp or was it Tramp, right?
I think they're gorgeous but I'm too lazy for so much hair;)

Wow Pakistan, Ireland, Sweden & The Netherlands what a great forum to be able to share our experiences with members all over the world!

Hope it's ok I piped in here, something about being a lover of animals I always get animated about critters...they'll pull me outta my shell every time!

10-16-04, 02:46 PM
hi charlie!

this is a recent photo of my dog (his name's totte, and he's 8½ years "old"):

12-14-04, 12:59 PM

Im Nikola, 20 from Croatia (europe). I'm pretty sure I have ADD (and comorbid OCD).

Ive always had trouble concentrating and doing school tasks, I am very prone to procrastination as well as follow through in projects I start or am involved in.

I took the online ADD screening test at Amen Clinic - needles to say, I had around 95% of 4's lol

All of this hasn't really bothered me until about year ago when I started my own internet based business. As I got more and more involved into my venture i started feeling a huge burden somewhat simillar but much more intense than what I was feeling when I was learning for school and doing simillar tasks.

Things have slowly come into perspective and now I understand what was happening to me in my childhood.

However, i am getting more and more confused as days pass by. Realizing I probably have ADHD made me recognize and acknowledge some of the daily problems that are obviously a direct consequence of my could-be-and-probably-is-ADD.

I tend to pay my bills just before I end up at court, I always pay late fees (up to 2 weeks) at the video rental store. I forget, or avoid doing most any task I have to do.

The worst thing about all this is it really bothers me lately, I get really depressed very often.

Im too disorganized to seek help, I wish I wasn't but I just am. It feels like unless someone else takes me by the hand and literally drags me to see a professional I wont ever do it :(

Im glad i found this place and I hope I will learn a lot from you all!


02-21-05, 08:46 AM
Hi! I'm new here!

I'm a 30 y.o. Norwegian female. I got diagnosed at 9 y.o. but I never got any help on how to cope with my ADD. I've finally taken the first steps. Iv'e gotten medication for my depression, and I've just started to see a psychologist.

I live on the westcoast of Norway with my wonderful 8 y.o. son, and my boyfriend. We're going through some rough times in our relationship. It's hard for him to understand why I am the way I am... And it's even harder for me to explain....

I just got my Bachelor in Child welfare last june, but I still haven't found a job.. I'm so scared i can't cope. I'm very disorganized, having trouble concentrating and so on...

I can't wait to start reading and posting on this forum!


02-22-05, 10:43 AM
Welcome Cee Cee look forward to reading your post. Welcome to the Land of ADDers, where ADD is the normal.

ali jawad
04-12-06, 05:29 AM
hi my name is ali, and my three year old boy is diagnosed with ADHD, we are in Copenhagne, Denmark, any body who can let me know any instituion or teacher resource who can train and teach my kid.

06-15-06, 09:28 AM
Hi. I'm an American living in France with my French born husband (his mother is American) and my two kids Che age 6 and Brigid age 2.

We are going through the process of diagnosing my son age 6 with inattentive type ADD. We will probably try medication.

Any body know of any GOOD books in french about ADD? It's called TADA or TADA/H(H being hyperactive). It's like the dark ages here! His teacher(who is very good) and the school district psychologist (who is not) are unaware that add INNatentive exists. I'd like to give his next years teacher (seems not a good match for my son) something to read.

I have searched all over .ch .be .ca

We have an appopintment end of August with a Neuro Pediatre in Geneva on August 28th for add assessment. As we live on the border his diagnosis should be well accepted at school.

You know, I said I would never do this with one of my kids. I always assumed at least one, if not both, would have an ADD brain, but as I made it to university without ever hearing the word ADD, I thought my kids would be just fine in school. I was diagnosed with inattentive ADD at University in California when things finally got challenging. I have taken Ritalin ever since.

Thanks for any info on ADD in french. Also anything like schools, social skills therapy, family training, or camps near GENEVA, Switzerland.

Happy to have found this place. It feels familiar.


Ren Höek
04-26-07, 03:56 AM

I'm new here, I have been recently diagnosed with ADD, but then moved to Finland where my wife is from.

So now I have the problem to look for a doctor or somehow get my medication to get my life back on track (well it never was but now I'm getting to realise it)...

If anybody is in the area and has any idea how to go with this, please let me know, and no... I don't speak Finnish, that's my problem...

Ren :rolleyes:

10-20-07, 10:53 PM
Kia ora hello,
My names Hemi, I live in the far north of the north island of Aotearoa New Zealand. I got diagnosed with ADHD earlier this year. Since coming on here have had lots of support which has helped me change alot of stuff in my life.
It will be awesome to get to know some of you all. Be cool to know if there are any other kiwi (NZ) people out there or maori?

07-08-08, 02:12 PM
Hi, I am from the Netherlands. Finally decided to join the community after lurking for a while.

I began to suspect I may be a victim of chronic hereditary inattentiveness a few week ago after accidentally stumbling upon one of the Dutch sites on this matter( )

From there it was a short journey to addforum. So far, it has proven to be a feast of recognition, although "feast" may be an overstatement.

At least now I can begin to understand why my life, both careerwise and in my relationships has gone the way it has.

The biggest problem I am facing now is that I have a strong suspicion that the knowledge concerning ADD in the Netherlands is somewhat lacking. This may make it difficult to confirm or deny my self-diagnosis. I can live with the ADD itself but especially the possibility of having comorbidities does not appeal to me.

10-09-08, 05:53 PM
Hi everyone!
I'm american but have lived in France for many years; I just joined the forum this week, it's amazing!
I found out by chance about inattentive ADD a few months ago and started looking into this. It's like I have a new life!
BOOTS: you're right, it's not very well known here. And they are very much against medication. (which I don't need myself but I think many people could benfit from this).
Well it's almost midnight here! I'm sure I'll be back on this site tomorrow when I'm at work (LOL).

07-26-10, 05:17 AM
I guess I forgot to do this earlier this month. I'm an American (I used to live in France, too, Stef!) living in Central Asia, in the poorest country of the former Soviet Union. (Do you know which one that is?) We've been here for 7 years already.
I was diagnosed in middle school and stopped taking meds after college. I recently realized how much my ADD was still affecting me, and that's how I found the forums. I'm online during my kids' naps and after everyone is in bed, while those in the states are either at work or finally asleep. It's naptime now...