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12-20-03, 06:20 PM
This is Roll call for members living in Alaska . Please give a brief intro

Relationship to AD/HD

11-09-05, 04:33 AM
hi, i'm in palmer, 43 yo female, a little surprised to discover that this has been my problem and not bipolar, and the other diagnoses i have been given. relieved to finally know what's been wrong

04-11-06, 02:28 PM
I am a 52 year old female just recently dianosed having ADD. I have my first doctor appointment on May 25. At this time it will be determine to what kind of treatment I will be recieving. I may be put on both medication and therapy, not sure as of yet what may be happening. I have been married for 22years. I have 2 kids. A daughter 17,and a son15.

10-29-06, 10:02 PM
I'm a 53 year old male in Fairbanks. Diagnosed about a year and a half ago. The diagnosis was a huge relief. Now I spend equal time trying to re-understand the past and trying to figure out how to move forward.

05-20-07, 09:59 PM
Hi all. I'm 45, married, and live in Southeast Alaska. I have been treated for depression for some 20+ years and recently for ADD. This forum is going to be a great help to me. It already has in that I don't feel so alone. :)

06-02-07, 03:14 AM
I'm in Fairbanks. Diagnosed a few years past my 50th birthday and am spending a fair amount of time trying to understand how I got this far without knowing about my ADD (short answer - self medication) and what I'm going to do next. If anyone wants to think about putting together a support group up here please send a PM. Books and therapy have gotten me a ways down the road, but there is still a lot further to go.

07-27-07, 08:39 PM
I'm in Anchorage and have recently accepted my ADD diagnosis so I can move past medications to help with my issues. I'm single with few supports attempting full time work and graduate school. I'm eager to meet others who are more seasoned in adequately coping with their ADD so I don't feel so much like I'm totally reinventing the wheel.

12-12-07, 07:28 PM
Name? Amy
Location? Juneau
Relationship to AD/HD? Hmmm....I'm not sure. Supposedly I have ADD-Inattentive, you know, the kind without the hyperactivity. So I guess the relationship of that to ADHD would be...what?...1st cousin? sibling? or even...since they're two versions of the same thing...fraternal twin?

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01-06-08, 07:01 AM
hi i live in wasilla alaska am male and am 44 up until now i did not know that there was a condition for what i have i was diagnosed in september of 2007 i kind of feel lost. i found out about adhd bye finding a book at the dump bye daniel amen .it woke me up and made me smell the roses,Ifound the roses not smelling so good.

01-25-08, 05:10 AM
well it looks like i found the book to late my wife got sick of handling the bills , paying them with my money, and making all the arrangements to go out to dinner. one of my comorbid conditions is to let the bills pile up , even though i have the money to pay them, and when i go to a restaurent i can never decide on what i am going to eat. anyway , i went on strattera to help our marriage out. , This made it so i could not drink ,any way my wife went out partying with her salon friends and at the end of 2weeks she up and left me with the house and the land and my three kids and just walked out. the only thing she took was the family van and the horses. befor she left she told me that i was insinsitive and selfish i told her she was right that most adders are. but that i was trying to do better, but she would not here of it . i wish she would have read some of my books.
the latest book that i have read is answers to distractions.if anyone reads this and is new it wouold be good of you to read this book.

01-25-08, 09:48 PM
Hey there! Decided I would become a part of this forum after realizing there is NO support in any form for ADULTS with ADD here in Alaska! And some support -from folks who UNDERSTAND, who ďgetĒ me, who I can kvetch and laugh with-is what Iím a neediní!!! And I hope I can give something of significance to you as well.
Iím 38 and was diagnosed 2 years ago with ADD and a possible auditory processing problem. It was a great relief to finally know that not only am I not below average intelligence but actually in the superior range. It put a reason behind the behavior and enabled me to take the steps needed to make my life an easier place to be. Not an easy staircase to ascend though!
So far, not a lot of luck with meds. Strattera sucked big-time. Adderall worksÖa little. I just added Wellbutrin to help with depression that developed over the fall. Weíll see. Anyone see that movie THUMBSUCKER? The rapturous moment when his meds take affect inside his brain? The resulting positive esteem, rapid-fire eloquence, and focus he experiences? Thatís what I wanted to happen to me when I started my meds. Stupid *** movieÖ
Regardless , Iím in a better place, plugging along with my ADD. Itís an unfolding journey Iím hoping to make easier by reaching out. Iím relieved that I found this forum!
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12-10-08, 05:30 AM
I'm a 62 year old male in Anchorage. I hit the wall a couple years back and was diagnosed with clinical depression. While I'm no longer depressed, I'm still not getting things done. I recently heard a discussion about adult add on the radio and it struck a nerve. I then read Thom Hartmann's "Complete Guide to ADHD", and discovered this forum. Now, I'm thinking the depression was a result of ADD, and am looking for someone in the Anchorage area that specializes in Adult ADD.

06-10-09, 11:56 AM
Hi there,

Just thought I would introduce myself on this board, thought I'm not "new" to ADHDForum...I will be moving to Alaska in about 2 months to begin an internship in Anchorage in Mental Health Chaplaincy. I've been down in Texas for the past 3 years earning my Masters in Divinity at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. I'm spending the summer in Washington State before I head up to Anchorage in mid-August. Nice to meet you all!

06-10-09, 02:42 PM
I grew up in Wasilla and I still miss it. It's such a small state population wise that it's not surprising there are few resources. Mental health is a big deal when you have the seasonal/sunlight issues and isolation you have up there, it is surprising.