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12-29-06, 08:23 PM
I've been doing quite a bit of research lately for my thesis. What do others think? It has a bit of a philosophy slant...

Quote: "...Anxiety is a common characteristic of BPD. Heidegger argued that anxiety is linked primordially to the 'fight or flight' response and in the modern day is rooted in a 'fear of nothing'. Our 'being' is said to be under treat due to displacement in the everday world.

the above theory of anxiety may aid understanding of the experiences of an individual with a diagnosis of BPD. The person with BPD may experience physical and psychological changes which result in behavioral changes. This recession of the world leads to alienation and to projection of the individuals' 'potentiality for being' - in other words, an expression of self (true self). It could be hypothesised that people with BPD are closer to a true state of "Being' and that invalidating environments are nothing more than judgements of social construction. Intead of using these environments to find clues to the existence and potentiality of others, we find ourselves dishing out discrimination and judgemental clinical views. While supportive family environments exist in most westernised societies, in a primodial existence the value system would have been based on very different principles, which offer clues to our own state of being and the exitence of others today. The invalidation of the behavioral presentation of people with BPD by health professionals may merely reinforce their feelings of alienation towards others."

..."It is the 'being in the world' of western culture which does not allow people with BPD to be understood... It could be aruged that we choose to alienate the person with BPD as a result of our own projections into the everyday world. We expose our own helplessness and anxieties presented by the diagnosis."

It seems that perhaps the experiences of people with BPD are closer to a true sense of self (or reality) than a societal 'normal' sense of self. The article was written by Caroline Williams for Mental Health Practice (2002).

12-30-06, 07:45 PM
I, personally- sincerely like this article.

For me, personally, BPD has mostly been about 'flight', more than 'fight'- but that's all you're going to get out of me. (0:

Thanks for taking the time.
Not many do.