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12-20-03, 06:49 PM
This is a roll call for members living in Wisconsin . Please give a brief intro.

Relationship to AD/HD

09-04-04, 02:45 PM
Anyone else from Wisconsin?

10-23-04, 01:23 PM
My penname is, Aiyana.
I live near Green Bay, with my husband, who is from Wisconsin. I am not. I am from Cali, and I don't have any real friends, and no family, I can count on, trust or can confide in, or whom, I do not scare away with all of my problems and issues.

We have lived here for a couple of years, but I am not happy, here.
Wisconsin is a far cry from Cali, as I miss the atmosphere, and the open and outgoing people within the southern state communities. I also miss my private getaway spots right off the beach, the sunsets, the lifestyle of being a beach-comber, as no other beach (for me), throughout this great Land of the Free, beats the Western Coastline, as San Diego and Southern California beaches do.

I hope that through this forum, I can meet some people in my area, and become friends with some people, who will not judge or persecute me for being myself.

I write poetry as a means to be understood, and to be listened to, but that is not, always, enough...
I need to feel ok with who I am, my circumstance i.e., a newbie, and such.

Who knows, maybe I will find my place, where I belong, and feel safe to socialize and to just being me.

P.s. It always comes up, so allow me to clarify... Yes, I am in counseling and I do get medication treatment, that I am currently taking. For I have been recieving treatment and counseling since the age of seven... There are no magical cures, so the battle goes on.
I just really hate that that is the first question everyone asks, whenever I open up with immediate honesty, and vulnerability, as if that label is supposed to mean something. To me, questions like that, right off the bat, tends to become, more of a hinderance, and my goal, here, is to move on with my life, not to be set back, by these concerns (?).

Not saying that no one should be concerned, and ask, it is just that that is always the first thing someone asks me, and that makes me feel, one is rushing to assumptions and misinterpreting my openess as anything but.

Thank you for allowing me to present this to you.
And thank you, for having me, here.

Safe Journey

11-07-04, 01:54 PM
I live in Milwaukee, WI, where I'm currently attending college. I'm 22 and not very close to graduating. :p

11-10-04, 09:47 AM
Also from WI! I is nice to see a whole state full of support!:)

11-14-04, 01:35 AM
I too am from WI. The milwaukee area. 23, still in college, and feed up with my ADD!

11-16-04, 05:12 AM
I'm about 20 min north of Milwaukee...Hi all!

I'm 28, recently diagnosed (thank god, no I'm really not broken!), still trying to get through college. Married, 2 kids (with suspected ADHD), living crazy and kind of liking it.

11-16-04, 05:34 PM
My name's Amy (non-ADHD)- Milwaukee - 30 - boyfried w/ADHD (hence why I'm here).

Aiyana: If you're ever come to the Milwaukee area, feel free to contact me and we can get together sometime. You can feel safe and "be you" all you want and it would not make a difference to me at all. If it's okay, I would love to read your poetry sometime.

11-22-04, 05:58 PM
My name's Steve and I live in Neenah, which is about 30 or 45 minutes south of Green Bay. I think I have ADD. Only took me forty years to figure that out. Looking back, I think it never got caught when I was kid because while I have fidgety feet, I wasn't doing cartwheels throguh the school or anything so hyperactive as to really disrupt things... I saw an ad for Straterra on TV a while back and had a "EUREKA!" moment; read "Driven to Distraction" about three months ago and had many more. In fact, it almost seems too perfect a diagnosis in some ways, but I guess I'm not the first to have that reaction either.

I've been treated on and off for depression and anxiety disorder since I was in my early teens without much success, probably because that's been only part of the problem. I'm currently in the process of being "evaluated" for ADD which is a little frustrating. Had to wait six weeks to see a specialist, then another two week wait to take some tests (scheduled for next Monday) and then see the specialist again on Dec. 21. Maybe this is moving right along, but I wish it could move a lot faster! OH well :rolleyes:

The doctor did say at the initial appointment that he agrees ADD is a likely diagnosis, so in the meantime I'm going to be reading posts on here to try and get a handle on things. So far it looks as if I'm hardly alone in my experiences.;)

Thanks for having this forum.

01-31-05, 04:46 PM
Hi, just found this forum this afternoon. Just wanted to say hello.

I'm a 35 y/o m in Madison; transplanted from the east coast over thirteen years ago for grad school, and for various reasons, I'm still here.

Some of those reasons revolve around my ADD; I was diagnosed about eight years ago; at the time I was in the third year of a post-grad school job search (for a university level teaching position) that was going nowhere, and in the fourth year of a relationship; my partner did not accept ADD, or work with me to understand what it was and how it was impacting my life. A year later I abandoned my job search (or shelved it; the jury is still out...), and two years after that the relationship disintegrated.

I am still single; I date off and on, and try to meet new people; I have a steady job that keeps me fed/clothed/sheltered and requires some of my vast creativity; all in all I lead a very good life; but... there are things I would like to do, new directions I would like to try, and many of these things take planning and time over the long haul. That's where I feel the ADD is most disruptive; I'm very organized, and I'm good at planning projects, but after the initial "launch" period, it's keeping the attention going on the little processes required to achieve the end result that often trip me up.

Anyway, long enough post already; hello; I look forward to reading up more on here over the next couple of weeks.

Spacey Cat
02-04-05, 11:21 PM
Hey There! I'm a 21 yr old from Stevens Point (dead centerof the state). I just found this site today and I'm so excited to find other people who relate to me! I spent my entire life feeling that I was a little different from everyone, but could never put my finger on just what that difference was. During my second dismal year at the U of Minn, I started getting depressed (which I now know was kinda caused by ADD) and it was then that I was diagnosed. I have since read a ton of books, such as Driven to Distraction, Answers to Distraction, and Learning Outside the Lines. (A wonderful book for ADDers in college) Since I've been diagnosed with ADD, my dad, an aunt, an uncle, grandmother, and a cousin have all been diagnosed. It's such a great feeling to know what that difference I always felt is.
I look forward to reading and anwering posts and getting to know everyone!

02-14-05, 12:27 AM
23 female in oshkosh finishing up my last semester of a bio major and currently applying to grad schools for the fall in forensic science

02-17-05, 11:22 PM
Yes, we are from Sheboygan, Wi

02-17-05, 11:25 PM
We just moved here from florida to Sheboygan, WI with our two kids stephany and jacob.

03-03-05, 01:14 AM
Brookfield Here

04-20-05, 09:55 PM
I aM 38 Male in the Milwaukee area. Glad to see others here! Perhaps we should all plan a meet and greet??

05-09-05, 03:35 PM
I'm in Waterford, Wisconsin. I'm trying to start an adult ADHD brainstorming "group". I think this forum is great and very helpful but meeting and talking in person would be even better. Anyone interested? We all have very much to learn from each other!

05-09-05, 03:49 PM
I'm in Waterford, Wisconsin (about 30 minutes southwest of Milwaukee). I'm trying to start an adult ADHD brainstorming "group". I think this forum is great and very helpful but meeting and talking in person would be even better. Anyone interested? We all have very much to learn from each other!
I'm really excited about this and I have no problem facilitating a group and planning the meetings.

05-10-05, 11:38 AM
I am 28 years old and currently living in Greenfield, WI. I didn't realize there were so many people from Wisconsin out there. I think a brainstorming group is a good idea! I would really appreciate having some people to relate to - I often feel all alone in the world. :(

05-11-05, 11:23 AM
I am a 42 year old male and I live in Green Bay...believe it or not I am an accidental project manager :)

Please contact me if you had already started a brainstorming group.


05-11-05, 11:34 AM
I would agree with meeting face to face. i.e. like once per month / qrtr. I am sure that there are other groups that have formed on here that can give advice.


05-19-05, 11:40 PM
I would love to meet with others from the forums that are from WI. Keep me posted and PM if need be!

08-07-05, 06:50 PM
I am a 26 year old female and I live in Whitewater, Wisconsin.( Walworth County) My therapist and I are sure that I have lived with undiagnosed ADHD for many years after he took the school history and the life history pretty much. It sounds like the nightmare thats plauged my life for sure all of my life. I'm doing the official test though since he wants to make it official next Weds. :rolleyes: The computer be nice to meet some people face to face from here. Anyone know about CHADD support groups in Walworth County? I don't drive but I would like to get up there too since I dont have much support down here either. The closest is Elkhorn unfortunately. Please let me know. Greatly appreciated. :)

08-08-05, 10:16 AM
I live in Waterford, WI, which is only about 15 minutes from Elkhorn and 30 minutes from Whitewater. I know of one support group for adults with ADD, but it is in Waukesha on the first Wednesday evening of every month. I'm not available on Wednesdays so that's why I thought of starting my OWN support group. Is there anyone else in this general area interested in getting together once a month? I would really get a lot from talking or meeting with others like me!

09-03-05, 06:07 PM
My name is lIsa and I am 35 and found out that I have ADD when my daughter got diagnosed. I live in Kewaunee and I want to know what ever I can about it for my sake and my child's.

09-03-05, 06:17 PM
Welcome Lisa, to the ADD Forums! Please look around the forum sections, and ask questions in any/all of the areas you're interested in.

09-10-05, 02:51 AM
I am from Onalaska with 2 children with adhd. I also agree with meeting!

Wisconsin Girl
09-16-05, 05:50 PM
Am from Wisconsin here and still live there, Go Badgers woo hoo, lol. Game tommorow at either 6 or 6:30 p.m on ESPN 2, see it and watch it, lol, last couple weeks h ave been good weeks for those Badgers, I actually went to the first game of the season when they played Bowling Green.

09-19-05, 09:11 PM
who is in college at matc? if so Does Anyone know how to handle testtaking and would like to maybe tutor.

09-24-05, 03:17 AM
i live in madison but to the woman above living in whitewater...i attend uww. poor choice of town to live may explain your adhd.

09-25-05, 04:12 PM
i live in madison but to the woman above living in whitewater...i attend uww. poor choice of town to live may explain your adhd.
LMAO patrick!!! :D :D :D

:soapbox: wasnt really my choice to be in whitewater.....i got sorta shipped here by the mental health system 7 years ago due to getting in trouble. just getting outta the mental health system in another 6 months tho, finally. Im only staying around this town tho after since my b/f lives here and hes still under the mental health system here and will be for a long time. And i can't leave him since i love him too much and we love each other too much to be apart.

I really dont like this town either patrick for the most part. i think it sux too. but im staying with my b/f when it comes down to it.

Im really a Milwaukee native- born and raised there. and whitewater ain't got it................................ain't nothin like Milwaukee. I miss Milwaukee, bigtime. I must say Madison kicks too and ive been there before. :D

11-05-05, 12:09 PM

I was diagnosed with Adult ADD with Inattentive subtype less that two weeks ago.


Roy G Biv
01-26-06, 11:05 AM
Ashland, WI.

48 years old-diagnosed in August '05. I'm a blend.

I'm noticing lots of symptoms and things not just with myself, but with my whole family. I've spoken with my oldest daughter and we're pretty sure she's ADD as well. Not sure about my son, although he did take meds for depression in high school. They were both bedwetters into their teens, which is a common thread.

I took Straterra for five months and then stopped for two reasons.

1) I didn't like the side effects-raised BP and heart rate(I can only imagine what the stronger stimulants would do!), weird dreams, bad breath, 'driftiness' to name a few(me, but not me-that's frightening).

2) I had just completed a 10-week program for alcohol abuse and I was pretty sure about the ADD as well. Looking back, I think I may have 'rushed' the doctoring/medication thing a bit. My feeling was that the alcohol exacerbated the ADD symptoms(and, probably, vice-versa). After coming off Straterra, I feel that I want to address the ADD on my own, sober terms.
Knowledge is power. Awareness is King. I may not 'win every battle', but at least I KNOW the fight that I'm in. I realize that medication is necessary for a lot of people. I just think that I may not be one of them.

Time will tell.

Empty Set
09-07-06, 06:08 AM

Sounds like everyone else is on the other side of the cornfield:( . I'm 22, and Live in the LaCrosse area.

09-08-06, 09:02 AM
Too bad we're all spread out across our beautiful state of Wisconsin! Maybe we could start 3 or 4 adult ADD "teams!" Maybe a Northern Region, a Southwest Region and a Southeast Region, and a Central Region. I use the term "teams" because it expresses how I feel about coming together to manage our ADD. I don't mean it in a competitive capacity. Within teams, people work together towards a common goal and each brings a different strength and skill to the group.

We all have ADD but in varying degrees. Different things work for us all and it helps to compare notes and share our successes (and failures) with each other. Putting groups together is not a new idea but does anyone else think we could give it a try? I'm willing to be the coordinator if enough others want to participate. I stopped going to therapy a while back because I was tired of paying so much for it. I truly feel that we could learn just as much from each other as we do from therapy. Just from my own experiences, I know I could share valuable stories and suggestions - things that I've tried over time that have helped me make the most of this puzzling condition! And I'd certainly be very interested in meeting others and hearing their stories!

If anyone is interested, post a reply and we can "talk."

09-15-06, 10:57 PM
david from janesville here sorry it took so long to join roll call.

09-16-06, 10:52 PM
Would love to have our own talk session. Lets see if we can make it happen!

09-19-06, 11:36 PM
Lunar from southwest Wisconsin.

34 ___almost 35.

Man.. How I love the fall! Does anyone else in Wisconsin get really energized and alert when the nights start to cool?

" It's always 57 in heaven"..:D


09-20-06, 07:39 AM
I totally agree about the cool nights! Helps me get some good, solid sleep- something that's often hard to achieve!

For me, it's the smell of leaves burning. I always love that. I can't imagine living down south and not having the change of seasons to enjoy. Breaks up the monotony!

BYW: I still want to get an ADD brainstorming or chat group together!

09-22-06, 07:58 PM
Hi everyone:

My name is Janet Brooks, I live in Altoona WI, and I have ADHD along with other conditions. I am very frustrated...

10-20-06, 10:46 AM
Hi everyone,

I'm James from Madison (Sun Prairie). My son has ADD and my wife may have it.

New Member Post (

I'm here to learn more.

12-29-06, 10:10 AM
Good Day All - I enter this site with trepidation and wonderment, as I am learning more about ADD, having lived 30 years with a beautiful woman who only recently gave a name to her feelings and emotions.
My purpose - to start a thread of discussion with spouces of ADD folks. - Any thoughts?, Referrals, Husbands or Wifes you could point to this new thread?
thanks - Steve

11-21-08, 02:23 AM
Hi all. I am Linda from Green Bay. It's great to see so many people here from this beautiful state. :)

03-25-09, 01:35 AM
Any from La Crosse?

03-25-09, 02:33 PM
i grew up in wisco outside of madison

05-07-09, 04:48 PM
Not a lot of posts here, but hey all you cheese heads!

I'm 26, soon to be 27 :(, and live in the Milwaukee area. Diagnosed in December ADD, GAD, and SAD. I originally grew up in Minnesota but love it here in Wisconsin. My hubby wants to move somewhere warmer, but I refuse to move again. I'm here to stay!

Anyone that knows of a good psychiatrist I desperately need one! I'm really considering going to the neuropsychologist at Froedert. I have recently realized that my problems may be something much more challenging. I'm thinking related to the cerebellum, but I won't know until I see a neurologist.

Anyways...I'll stop rambling. :D

05-13-09, 03:35 AM
Self-diagnosed ADD 5 different times in 20 years and, whoops, forgot to get help. I just had the most disappointing visit to a pdoc. I hoped for some prescription to help with this endless struggle that I have all my life but never found help. She told me to find a primary care doctor to take some tests and I couldn't get an appointment for over a month. So like now what? I need help and she didn't even tell me that I was positive (even though I already know I am). I'm in here hoping to find a doctor that will help, but it took 5 days on the phone just to get to her. I feel hopeless and left out. Milwaukee, anyone have a recommendation? I cannot wait and have been suffering so damn long. Maybe I'll try to clean my room for the 10000000000th time

05-15-09, 01:35 AM
You may want to consider calling your local CHADD affiliate, they should be able to recommend some psychiatrists.
Southeast Wisconsin CHADD (
Tel: (414) 299-9442

09-27-09, 10:32 PM
im an 18 yr old male in the hayward area (northwest part of the state). my dad was diagnosed with add when he was younger. i've not been diagnosed, but i've only really thought about add recently, if you read my intro post you can see some of the reasons why im quite convinced that i have add. i think my reason to not have thought about add when i was younger is because i often hyperfocused in school because i loved being smarter than my peers, but over the past few years i have begun to not care as much and now i am only able to hyperfocus on tests (thankfully, otherwise i would have failed several classes now), ive always done well on standardized tests(always in the 90th percentile or higher) i took my ACT last year and i got a 32. whoops! back to the main point of this thread. hello fellow wisconsin adders

07-30-10, 11:16 PM
Having too much fun on this site! I'm just west of Milwaukee. I'd love to connect with other folks around here.

09-01-13, 05:17 AM
Milwaukee here as well. Hello Wisconsinites! 28. Single, but I live with friends. Trying to journey along with adhd.