View Full Version : Can PMHNP's Prescribe in Oregon?

01-08-07, 01:31 AM
:) Hello...I am brand new to the forum. I need to find out if PMHNPs (Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners) are allowed to write presciptions for Ritalin (or methylphenidate) in Oregon.

Can anyone help answer this?

Thank so much!

01-09-07, 08:28 AM
:) I found the answer to my own question after MUCH searching on the internet.
PMHNP (Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners...aka: Psychiatric Nurses) may indeed prescribe Ritalin (or its generic equivilant) in the State of Oregon, even though it is a "Schedule II" medication.
They must have applied for such a permit, but are qualified to do so. They are also allowed to prescribe under the Oregon Health Plan.

Hope this helps others!

~microlion~ (aka Ann) ;)