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01-08-07, 08:58 PM
I found this, where else, in Blog.Commercial Link Removed

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A pretty selection of tools to manage your To Do's.

Which one do you use?


Are you using something else instead? Perhaps a combination of tools and techniques?
You must read through all the comments as there are many other suggested solutions.

One that jumped out at me is:

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I'm going to tryout the freeware version first. I'll let you know.

Inquiring minds want to know.


03-13-09, 06:09 AM
When things get on top of me and I'm struggling to even input stuff correctly I stop using my new flavour of the month (and I love gadgets and applications) and just do this:

write all the stuff i need to do, long, short and medium term on post it notes colour coded depending upon my latest theory and colour availability and they all live on the left hand side of the open manilla folder. I peel them off according to importance/interest/nasty letters and attach them to the right side of the folder and when I do them I screw them up and throw them in the bin (buy bins, Lots of bins)

The magnificent thing about this system is that at the end of the day if I don't get to the end of all the post its on the Right hand side I peel them off, re-attach them to the left hand side and start again the next day. So there is no unfinished stuff left with crossings out or overdue sqiggly lines under them just a new day and a new chioice of direction. Ans if I see something that hasn't even made it on to the RHS or constantly travels from left to right and back again I re evalue weather it needs to be done at all or chop it into smaller tasks.

This is not my idea it belongs to the woman who wrote this page

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and if ever i meet her I am going to give her the biggest kiss cos it works so well for me. Genius!

03-13-09, 07:08 AM
i've learned that i am a very visual person. this folder idea looks great. i think i'm going to try it today at work. thx!

03-13-09, 08:47 AM
my TO DO list(s) are generally pretty simple - just lists - but the lists are extensive and they're everywhere on post-its, sticky lists, standard sized paper (that's the real back-burner stuff). Problem is it always has to be reorganized and re-prioritized and rewritten, and of course, some stickies get lost.

I've been in a bad patch - motivationally and emotionally - and my desk is a disaster that is freaking me out. The lists are buried within it all. Without my lists, I'm in trouble, because, you might say, I have no BACKUP. My mental hard-drive its pretty worthless, that's why my memory is recorded on post-its.

Well. Enough about what DOESN't work. I've downloaded the Windows To-do list to give it a try. Just realized it's not freeware, though.

03-23-13, 01:58 PM
Have you tried the Google task list? it is free and you can sinc it to your smart phone if you have one. Just a thought. :)

03-23-13, 09:06 PM
Yes, if you already have a smart phone then really really hesitate to buy other gadgets or systems. The built-in functions on all smart phones are quite good, and if you don't like those, well, there are other apps that will do what you want, inexpensive or in some cases even free. To already have one expensive tool and then not even use it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense.

03-24-13, 03:29 AM
A Wikipedia search for the words "personal information manager" shows twenty different cost-free applications for your computer (and that's just the ones that don't cost anything!). Each of the major operating systems comes with a calendar program, either separately or built into the email. Several other email packages come with a calendar program as well.

Among those twenty there are super-simple ones, high-powered and complicated ones, and everything in between.

And there's always a beautiful leather-bound notebook, or a piece of paper and a pencil. :)

So I don't want to see anybody spending $$$ for organizing software unless it makes dinner too, OK?

03-24-13, 06:14 AM
The "use" or strategy with these systems is 95% of their effectiveness.

In other words, it is how you use it not what you use which determines how effective these tools are going to be ( sounds a lot like a saying i've heard somewhere else :) )

03-24-13, 12:08 PM
The "use" or strategy with these systems is 95% of their effectiveness.

In other words, it is how you use it not what you use which determines how effective these tools are going to be ( sounds a lot like a saying i've heard somewhere else :) )

;) Absolutely.

Anyone wanting a computer program that doesn't have one already, just find one that actually does what you need it to do, and then make use of it. It doesn't matter what else it does, just that the functions that are important to you really get the job done.

11-08-13, 08:22 PM
Like many I love pretty things with lots of bells and whistles...and colors of course. The one thing that I've found to be exceptionally useful however is Evernote and I keep all my relevant information in there. There is a designated email address for my specific account and I can forward whatever I like right into it. I have several orders for knitted items since it is getting nearer to Christmas to whenever I found the yarn I need I can take a picture and forward it right into my account. I can write notes and spec info and forward that .... then I can move this all under one folder and have each project, with all its particular info, under separate folders. I LOVE it! It keeps me from loosing paperwork and forgetting things. I still have a little book with the info scribbled down (an arc notebook from Staples that has these disc that allow you to move pages around...awesome).

As for keeping my house...haven't figured that out yet....still working day to day keep my head above water.