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12-20-03, 06:53 PM
This is a roll call for members living in Utah . Please give a brief intro.

Relationship to AD/HD

The Admiral
06-27-04, 09:53 PM
Hey guyz!

I am Steven T. (going by Mr. T for those who know me...) from the good ol' UT.
I live in Rose Park in
I am currently seeing a psychologist for my ADD along with switching between Adderall and Strattera...

Any more?

-The Admiral

06-29-04, 02:32 PM
Hi...I live in Bountiful, Utah. I was diagnosed with ADHD in March 2004 at the ripe old age of 43. I'd like to find a therapist in my area that can work with me regarding the ADD, depression and anxiety. Any other Utah people out there? Email or PM me.

Jay Jay
08-29-04, 10:16 AM
With so many kids in Utah, you think there would be a lot more interest in ADD education, i.e. this website. I live near Provo, Utah and want to help adults connect with parents who have ADD kids. We could tell them so much about what their kids are going through, and how to teach them to cope. Hello to anyone in Utah, but especially in Utah County. Let's get together:

10-06-04, 05:33 PM
Bunny Star
Tooele, UT
I have ADD

Hi Utah people!!! :)

05-29-05, 03:38 AM
Travis here from Provo, UT. I'm 31 and was diagnosed with ADHD back in middle school. Nothing was ever done to help me with this, in fact it was kind of swept under the carpet until October of 2003 when I was diagnosed with it again. Kind of hard to accept it, but I'm going to stick with the dexadrine and do something about it this time. I look forward to sharing experiences with you all.

07-15-05, 06:31 PM
slc here!

diagnosed as a child. mother has it, i also had meningitis (bacterial) at age 2 so they say it may have attributed the later epilepsy which seemed to fade at around age 12.

27 now and things are good, i have a love/hate relationship with my ADHD. I hate it when even my own boyfriend (who has ADD but has somehow learned to keep it under control with no need for meds) doesn't believe that the condition exists and pretty much says "oh, you can line up a bunch of people on the road and they'll all have similar brain patterns" ... hate it when my ADHD flares up and gets in the way even when my dexedrine spansules are going strong (uh oh, hyperfocus!), but i love it because it's what makes me who i am. i am a network engineer and an ex figure skater, audio engineer, graphics designer, and ex dj.

my talents are many and i attribute it to being adhd and being creative... thats why i love it. :)


08-31-05, 09:51 PM
Greg from Sandy. I'm 48. Was officially diag about a year ago. Started Strattera about a month ago. I got sick using it. (I've been on zoloft for depression since August of last year.) (that was supposed to help they told me) Now I'm on day 3 of Metadate CD. I think I like it but I'm also taking some pain meds for 4 herniated discs. So I can't quite tell what is what yet. But I'm amazed I can take a stimulant and be calmed. Hey mara I was once a DJ too. (I was a bunch of other things too)
Nice to meet you all....drop a line and say hi anytime!

01-23-06, 02:14 AM
Hi Im Leenie and Im new here...discovered this place while searching for a Dr that specializes in Adult ADD...(any recomendations?) I have a 6 yo Son that is Autistic and I can see a family pattern here...

I have just started seeing a Psychologist and after a few questions he was willing to back me on my own diagnosis so I am looking for a Doctor that is experienced with adults.

Any help would be appreciated..Im on the West Side. ;)

Jay Jay
01-23-06, 08:43 AM
Hi Leenie -

I'm in Utah County, so I don't know the Salt Lake P-Docs. It seems like I came across several by going to the CHADD website and looking for Professionals. I too figured out I was somewhere on the autism spectrum after seeing it in our son - but our boy is an adopted son! I got tested by two psychologists, and they agreed with my self diagnosis. I had been misdiagnosed as having an anxiety disorder, but the meds for that only made me worse - just as they do our Asperger's boy. Right now I see a P-Doc in Orem who agrees on my AS/ADHD diagnosis, but he doesn't see any need for more testing. There is an autism clinic in Salt Lake at UNI. They mostly do kids, but I've heard adults can get done there as well.
Keith :cool:

01-25-06, 01:21 AM
Thanks Jay Jay ...I will check into that ;)

09-19-07, 03:08 PM
Does anyone know a good child psychatrist in Provo/Orem or in southern Utah? I have a son with ADD whose imupulsivity and depression are getting him into all kinds of trouble. But SLC is 3 hours away, too far to commute weekly for the court-ordered sessions with a psych. We are in a small town in central UT and need some help in order to keep this kid out of foster care/jail!

01-27-09, 01:34 AM
Hi, I'm Hannah. I live in Salt Lake City and I was diagnosed with ADD a few years ago... I'm in high school, and I've tried some different meds and none of them seem to work, so I'm kind of stuck with finding some other ways of getting my homework in on time (or at all...) so far, not going too well, which is why I decided to try to find out more about my ADD so I can figure out what I can do about it :)

07-27-12, 04:28 AM
Hi, my name is Melanie and I live in Salt Lake City. I am married and have a 5 year old son.
I am 27 years old, I was active duty Army from 2003-2009 (flute player in the Army Band--yes, it is a real job in the military), and am currently in the Army Reserves. I am a full time student at the University of Utah majoring in Music Education.
I was just diagnosed with ADD. I always thought ADD was a children's disease, but finally I decided to do some research on adult ADD. I realized I fit the profile perfectly. I have gone my whole life being called an air head and thinking something was wrong with me. As I teenager I thought it would get better with age...but it never happened. So here I am. Just started taking Adderall, we will see how it goes.
Am looking forward to getting to know you all!