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12-20-03, 07:02 PM
This is a roll call for members living in North Carolina . Please give a brief intro.

Relationship to AD/HD

01-02-04, 08:06 PM
Durham, NC
ADD - Inattentive Type
(Hubby just said that I'm the AD - he's the HD ;) )

Am I the only NC'er? :)

01-27-04, 05:31 PM
Raleigh, NC

03-22-04, 06:23 PM
Bruce..aka lefty5150
asheboro NC newbie member. 49 yrs old have not been profesionally diagnosed yet but have my first "session"at county
mental health clinic on 3/24/04. would like to meet other NCers online and locally for chats and E-pals.

07-30-04, 12:50 AM
Sue at Chapel Hill
ADD rocks my world

08-02-04, 11:40 AM
Raleigh, NC

Diagnosed at about 26 (33 now)
Still stuggling
Still in the closet with most people (hubby, Mom, Dad, Sis, and a few close friends know)

Good resource for me - Local CHADD group - They have an adult support group and a women with ADD support group. The women's group is not meeting over the summer but I think they'll start up again in the fall. Unfortunately, they meet at 1pm during the day. Hard to get to if you work.

09-09-04, 11:39 PM
Hi! I'm Kristal, 35, married mom of 3, Inattentive ADDer (I'm working on getting the formal diagnosis) and I'm in Roanoke Rapids.

10-29-04, 11:36 AM
Aaron Nail
Wilmington, NC
Just "diagnosed"

11-11-04, 11:56 AM
Married with one child
ADD (recently diagnosed) and also Bipolar
Winston Salem, NC

01-05-05, 05:04 PM
New here...

28 and single

01-28-05, 12:24 AM
Hello. Tonya here. I have a 8 year old son with ADD.
From Foothills {Taylorsville}

02-07-05, 03:25 AM
:eek: My name is Tina & I have Adult ADHD. I have 2 children and one of them is also ADHD. I have just started a new group to meet other local people dealing with ADD and ADHD. Gather to share your experiences, progress, and thoughts with one another. You will develop lifelong friendships here ! Come visit us at Please observe Guidelines reguarding URLS here @

02-18-05, 03:10 PM
This is the first time that I have used this site, not sure if I am doing it right! I am 43 with adhd living in Raleigh looking for a support group

02-19-05, 09:02 AM
would like to get info about meetings in Raleigh

02-20-05, 01:25 AM
29yo lives down in duplin county but works in Raleigh area as a paramedic

just started on meds

03-03-05, 08:51 AM
Joyce aka Kat now proud to say i am now living in Shelby, NC i am 31 married with 3 children...ages 2,8,and 10...the 2 older children are diagnosed adhd and odd...the oldest(my girl) is also diagnosed underlieing bipolar. They have been off of meds since just before Christmas due to knowing they needed a GOOD evaluation. Therefore i will be getting them in as soon as i can get a new medical card from the NC

05-13-05, 02:10 AM
Hi, My name is Stacey. I am currently living in Fayetteville, NC due to my husband being stationed at Ft. Bragg (he's currently deployed in the sandbox). My oldest daughter (age 9) has ADHD and was diagnosed 4 years ago. I have suspicions that I, too, have it and I am still trying to get an "official" diagnosis. I also have to more girls, ages 7 & 5. The 7 year old has a learning disability although we still aren't certain what we are dealing with there.

I am looking for a support group here in Fayetteville and having absolutely no luck. If you'd be interested in PMing me and perhaps getting one started I'm up for it.


06-10-05, 07:23 PM
Hi All
I'm originally from NJ and have been living in NC since 1997
I have AD/HD and Dyslexia

06-10-05, 08:44 PM
I am over here in Cherryville, Hi ya'll,

08-22-05, 09:52 PM
My name is Tim and I am located in Greensboro, diagnosed with ADD about 9months ago

09-24-05, 12:41 PM
Hi, my screen name is Dorothy - it is not my real name and for the time being I'm not comfortable giving my real name...I hope that's ok. I was diagnosed with ADD five days go and I'm very very confused - I've been diagnosed with so many different things over the years, seems like every doctor has a different opinion (and boy are they different!). I've lived in Charlotte for 22 years and I'm originally from MI.

09-24-05, 12:43 PM
By the way, I chose the screen name Dorothy because every time I've gone to a new "shrink", I've felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz - you know, at the end when the wizard is pulling things out of this bag (the scarecrow got a brain, tinman got a heart)..when Dorothy said "Oh, I don't think you've got anything in that bag for me".

09-24-05, 12:49 PM
Welcome to the ADD Forums. Dorothy :)

10-28-05, 04:03 PM
I'm in Raleigh.
Recently diagnosed with mild adult ADD at 33. Was on some medication when I was 13-14, but can't remember the dx. I've always known I was ADD, I just decided to get it medicated.
Married, 4 yo son and 2 yo daughter.
Son may be a little ADD, or just a busy 4 year old.
Father probably is ADD, he never shuts up and doesn't work well with others.
Brother may be ADD, rarely finishes projects.

11-24-05, 12:15 AM
hi, Lee from raleigh, i have adult add, i started meds last jan, but has been officially diagnosed for 2 weeks by a neuropsychiatrist. i am co-morbid depression, but is getting better since wellbutrin and a better understanding of who i am and why i do the things i do.

02-27-06, 06:17 PM
I am a non hyperactive (unfortunately) ADDer - recently diagnosed. I have 2 boys under 4 and am seeing a wonderful Psychologist, but having trouble getting an MD to prescribe meds. I was given Strattera and had difficulty with that. I went back to the Doc and was given an anti-depressant (Lexapro)???

Isn't that going backward?

07-17-06, 11:07 PM
I'm 37, live in Durham, and was diagnosed mid-May, 06. I also have sensory integration disorder.

09-26-06, 08:36 PM
Hello all - Recently moved to NC from Colorado. Been having a great time, loving the state. Ocean and mountains, can't beat it.

I'm 35 living in the Triad area, still working on the "official" diagnosis, but it's probably going to be Inattentive ADD. Started with Strattera (horrible side effects) then on to Wellbutrin. Maybe next are some of the stimulants, we'll see. Feeling better, I had some good depression but Wellbutrin has helped.

Take care all,

11-15-07, 01:42 AM
I'm 29 living in Raleigh and was diagnosed with ADD about 6 months ago, as well as anxiety. Taking meds for both but still working on finding the right one for the ADD. I would love to find other ADDers in the area for friendship and support.

12-16-07, 11:52 PM
Hi, 35 ADD mother of 3, 2 of which have ADHD. Living in Winston Salem NC. New to the diagnoses myself. Taking Aderral, can't tell that it makes that much of a difference. Almost lost the job I love in H.R. due to lack of organization, failure to pay attention to detail, forgetfulness, etc. Luckily I have a wonderful Boss who has a daughter with ADD. Daily live is a chore. I guess only time will tell if the meds are truely bennificial?? Good luck on your journey.

12-30-07, 01:02 PM
My wife and I are both diagnosed ADD, she to a more troublesome degree. Do you have contact info for the CHADD 1:00PM group? My wife and I have also considered starting an adult evening support group if one does not exist in the Raleigh area. Diagnosed 15 years ago. Bill N.

Raleigh, NC

Diagnosed at about 26 (33 now)
Still stuggling
Still in the closet with most people (hubby, Mom, Dad, Sis, and a few close friends know)

Good resource for me - Local CHADD group - They have an adult support group and a women with ADD support group. The women's group is not meeting over the summer but I think they'll start up again in the fall. Unfortunately, they meet at 1pm during the day. Hard to get to if you work.

12-31-07, 02:35 PM
BmanJayhawk (Chris)
Charlotte, NC
35 years old
18-month old daughter
4 year old dog
Diagnosed several years ago

12-31-07, 05:08 PM
Eastern NC. (New Bern area). Probably the oldest of the bunch, at 58. Nevertheless, full-fledged adult ADD. Diagnosed at age 42.

01-12-08, 11:38 PM
28 diagnosed with Severe adhd this fall. Still adjusting meds but things are getting a lot better! Live in Duplin Co.

01-13-08, 12:45 AM
Hey Duplin!

If you are 28, and just now diagnosed, you probably have had your share of conflicts and issues along the way. I was much older when I got the diagnosis, and it changed my life for the better in countless ways.

I hope your experience will be as rewarding as mine has been.


01-25-08, 03:12 PM
Living and Laughing with ADD in Mooresville NC............ Hello to all. Diagnosed Officially 3years ago I have a great Husband, Great Family and a Great Doctor and no organisation skills but I keep trying... I am learning to laugh at my frustrations .:D

01-25-08, 03:23 PM
Living and Laughing with ADD in Mooresville NC............ Hello to all. Diagnosed Officially 3years ago I have a great Husband, Great Family and a Great Doctor and no organisation skills but I keep trying... I am learning to laugh at my frustrations .:D

Hi Lady, I'm located in South Charlotte and more or less in the same boat. Diagnosed three years ago, still trying to get my sh*t together. I have yet to find a great doctor which is a little frustrating, and I'm still working on my organization. I lost my job last week which makes it a little hard to laugh these days, but I'm still hopeful about a new opportunity I've been chasing (up in your neck of the woods actually). Wish me luck, and welcome!

01-25-08, 03:57 PM
Hi Bman , Thankyou for the welcome and I do wish you luck.

01-26-08, 01:15 PM
Hi Lady Pilot,
Welcome to Add Forums! I am from Charlotte, now living in New Bern. Keep working on those organizationals skills. You probably need them the most when you're in the air! Good luck now that you have a formal diagnosis!


01-31-08, 01:41 PM
Howdy friends and neighbors,

I'm living here outside Chapel Hill and on my third day of meds (Concerta). I was just evaluated and diagnosed this past week, though I'd been strongly suspicious since before Christmas.

My 13 year-old daughter's therapist suggested that we might want to have her evaluated given her chronic problems with organization and remembering things and (and I quote) "Your," referring to me, "history." Unquote.

My history?

Well, I did a little looking and researching on the web. I read You Mean I'm not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy? The therapist was right. Indeed, my history WAS ADHD.

I've been lurking here at ADDForums for a while, but now that I'm officially diagnosed, I'm officially saying, "hi."


01-31-08, 08:33 PM
I'm Jason, and I just moved here about a month ago from Birmingham, AL. It seems only a few of us are in the West Carolina area.

02-07-08, 05:11 PM
My name is Scott and I was diagnosed about a year ago at age 50. At least it explains many of my actions over the years. Still working on me with counseling, not sure who I am any more, still looking for who I am.

2 big water dogs (Newfoundlands)
wife,18 year old daughter who probably has ADD also. At least she's hyper focused on getting good grades.

40mg Strattera 2x
200mg Wellbutrin 2x

02-07-08, 06:26 PM
Welcome to the forum! And just in case you are thinking you might be the oldest one here, I just turned 58. Probably got just about eveybody beat on that one.:p Good luck living with your new diagnosis. Life will just keep getting better now...

04-03-08, 10:13 PM
I'm Cris. I live in the western Piedmont. Boonville to be exact, between Winston Salem and North Wilkesboro. I was diagnosed this past fall, just after my 10 year old son. I got Dr Hallowells book Driven to Distraction to learn about my son. I freaked out, The first case study was my husband and the next was me. When I spoke to our family doctor about my son, he asked me when I was going to see him about me.

We are both on meds. He is on Concerta and an evening dose of ritalin. I am on Ritalin 2-3 times a day.

My husband has yet to seek medical help. My two other sons are predestined....

I am trying to locate a psycologist/psychiatrist that can deal with the whole family. For now the family doctor is handling meds but not other issues we need handled.

I teach ESL at 2 schools. Am a scout leader and a soccer coach.

04-04-08, 08:54 AM
Welcome neighbor!

04-22-08, 09:28 AM
Hi everyone,

I am Elizabeth, and I have 4 dc. I don't think I have ADD, but I sure am disorganized and stressed. I didn't have these problems when I was younger and in school, though. School was pretty easy for me.

My oldest is 15 and was dxed ADD (I think it's just inattentive, although he acts hyper sometimes) last summer. He has a very hard time in school and is being evaluated right now, but I am wondering what will come of it, if anything (school eval).

I don't know anyone with kids who have ADD. The few kids that my ds knows act either terrible or overly medicated, so he is leery of meds and thinks this is all hopeless.

I almost forgot to say I am in Gastonia!

04-22-08, 09:35 AM
Welcome to the Forums! Hope you find some answers here. I did! (By the way... I was born in Gastonia, raised in Dallas, and then moved to Charlotte. Live in New Bern now.)

04-22-08, 10:39 AM
Welcome to the forums. Everyone here is very friendly. Oh yeah, I am in China Grove

07-08-08, 09:40 PM
Hi, I'm in Statesville, NC. 32 years old, with a husband, 2 kids, cat, dog. I have ADHD inattentive type and have displayed it for as far back as I can remember.

07-20-08, 05:22 PM
Hi, all!

Bonnie in Raleigh. Dx about 5 years ago...finally it all fit. Some days I love it/some days I hate it, but you have to keep trying. Found the absolute best team of docs and therapists. Very lucky there. On Adderall (has worked out well for three or so years - I get really goofy with dates) and Celexa for Anx/Dep co-morb.

I am bouncing like Tigger today, so TTFN....(nope don't have kids, but feel like one most of the time...and I am a teacher, too....go figure),

09-09-08, 12:21 PM
Raleigh, NC
Hubsand - bi-polar ADHD
Daughter - Extreme ADHD
Step son - ADHD
Me - ADHD I think too.

09-09-08, 01:16 PM
Looks like you have your hands full!

You will like it here. You are among friends. Oh, and I'm originally from the Charlotte area, but live in New Bern now.


09-28-08, 08:12 PM
I live in Garner NC and was diagnosed about 10 years ago. I also suffer from depression, so the meds were always directed at that-Wellbutrin, Lexapro. I gave up a few years ago since it didn't seem to get any better, but recent searches, including this website moved me to try finding help again.

09-29-08, 08:04 AM
Never give up!:)

12-14-08, 01:16 PM
Hi! I'm Thai. My husband was diagnosed with ADD a little over 2 years ago. Desparately looking for another non-ADD partner in the Charlotte area... or anywhere close... for support/friendship. Also looking for any good doctors or counselors in the Charlotte area who have experience with ADD.

12-14-08, 02:28 PM
My name is Marshal. 20 years old. I live in Greenville and go to ECU. ADHD inattentive type, bipolar I, and anxiety.

12-14-08, 03:23 PM
My name is Marshal. 20 years old. I live in Greenville and go to ECU. ADHD inattentive type, bipolar I, and anxiety.

Hi Marshal,

I hope you will post more because I would like to hear your perspective on what it is like to have bipolar at your age. I have an almost 16yods and he is ADHD and now also considered bipolar as well.


12-14-08, 04:40 PM
My name is Marshal. 20 years old. I live in Greenville and go to ECU. ADHD inattentive type, bipolar I, and anxiety.
Welcome to ADD Forums. I'm looking for a good doctor to treat ADD, in Greenville. Who do you go to, or who can you recommend? (You can PM me, if you'd rather not say on here.)


theaddman :)

Escape Artist
01-16-09, 02:17 PM
Jaime, Greensboro...yup. 20.

01-25-09, 10:12 PM
Fayetteville, NC-21 years old. Hubby's stationed at Fort Bragg. I'm pretty sure he's ADHD but the military don't look too kindly upon them kinda things... *le sigh.*

Anyone else in/around Fayetteville or Fort Bragg area, let's get together sometime and start a support group around here! I'll look at Meetup and see if there are others waiting for a group to get started. :)

01-25-09, 11:22 PM
checkin in from huntersville

02-21-09, 02:34 AM
Hey! Just joined....not a lot of posts here in the regional part. Does anyone use this?

Is this the best forum place to use or does someone have another to reccomend?



02-21-09, 03:45 PM
This is the BEST ADD Forum on the net. I don't usually go to the regional section though. In fact, I forget about it. Good to have you here though. BTW... I love the Raleigh area and go every chance i get.

02-22-09, 04:19 PM
Thank you! I thought it would be based on how many times it comes up when i was doing research.

My doctor from back home is retiring and since I live here anyway I was looking for a new doctor down here who isn't ridiculous with meds cause it always worked best.

Any ideas from anyone?

02-27-09, 10:10 AM
Hi all, I'm new here as well. Found this place by googling... my favorite pasttime. :)
So I'm 28 and I live in Youngsville (out in Franklin county) but I commute all the way to the RTP every single day.
I haven't been "officially" diagnosed yet, supposedly I'm depressed (even though I swear I'm not) so I'm just looking for a doctor who will listen to me. I'll worry about finding the treatment later, right now I just need people to understand what I'm going through. I'm glad I found this forum though, that is for sure!!!!

02-27-09, 11:08 AM
Welcome to the forum. There is a wealth of information on this forum, so you likely will find the answers you seek. BTW...have you taken any of the on-line ADD tests?

04-12-09, 04:46 PM
Hey folks,

My name is Pat, I'm 29 and originally from NY, but I am currently living in Greenville, NC.

I've never been diagnosed, but after talking to some friends who have ADHD and doing a bit of reading on the subject I'm guessing that I have at least mild ADHD.

I'm currently looking for a doctor in Greenville who has experience with ADHD who can hopefully help me sort all this out.

It's really having a negative effect on my school work and in the major I'm pursuing (Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering; transferring to NCSU next year), I can not afford to be my normal inattentive, and fidgety self.

I've managed to control it somewhat while at home doing homework (no TV, no computer. Just me, some music and my homework), but in class it's another story. I try to focus and some days are better than others, but it's a struggle.

I was the same way in high school and I don't want university to be a repeat of my high school experience.

Can anyone in the Greenville area recommend a good doctor? PM or reply here, either is fine.


04-12-09, 05:51 PM
Nadera 37

Near Ft. Bragg NC

Inattentive ADD/Bipolar Disorder

Just Diagnosed ADD...Now it all makes sense...

Mo The Cat
06-18-09, 06:35 PM
Hello! New as of yesterday 43 years old - male, married to wife with ADD Raleigh, NC Diagnosed with ADD 17 years ago and also OCD. On and off several meds since diagnosis. None with much success. Not currently on meds (this may change....)

06-18-09, 09:57 PM
Hi. I'm 48 years old living in Raleigh North Carolina. My husband has ADD as well. I was diagnosed with ADD about 16 years ago. Medication I have used in the past is Dexedrine. :p

09-13-09, 09:44 PM
Hi I'm Jen and I live in Granville County. It has been a long road, but the journey is far from over, which started back in Feb. Still working on DX for IA ADD and possibly some other LD's as well. Will tell the whole eventually, I just don't have the patience just yet. My doc has me on Dex...I have been on it for 2 far so good. Glad to be here. God Bless you all.

09-28-09, 12:41 PM
Moved to NC a couple of years ago. Am struggling with what I am sure is ADHD. As a teenager and young adult I was treated for ADHA (at the time my Dr. just called it depression). I stopped taking the meds when I had children and I am now a grandmother and totally miserable. I desperately need to find a good Dr. to help me get my life together. My recent Dr.s from CA have tried every kind of A/D on the market and they all have horrible side effects and do little to nothing to help me. The only one that helped for a while was Wellbutrin but it ended up making me so uncomfortable after 2 years of using it. I was perscribed Dexidrine in my early years and it worked magic. It was like seeing the world for the first time. I have since tried all the natural remedies with little success. I know there has got to be a Dr. in this area I can discuss this with who can help me find my life again. I just know there is no reason a person needs to suffer so much in this day and age. I live near Charlotte, NC.

09-28-09, 09:06 PM
NC native male (recently children) born in Concord, residing in mid-town Charlotte since 1992. I was diagnosed with ADHD Combined Type 314.01 at age 44 in 1994. Attended CH.A.D.D. 1995 thru 2001, stopped late 2001 when Adults Only Support Gp folded. I also have other co-morbid diagnosis issues......Dysthymic Disorder 300.4 GAD 300.02 and Personality Disorder N.O.S. 301.9
Medications for ADHD: 1994-96 Methyphenidate 20 mg. x 3 and from 1997 to the present "Dexedrine Spansule 15 mg." early AM & "Adderall" 10 mg. x 1 or x 2 if needed. Additional RX's for co-morbid diagnosis's 1997 to present, Trazodone 100 mg to 150mg if needed (bedtime) since 2001, Ambien 10 mg. late evening.

09-29-09, 09:14 AM
Ridgerunner, if you don't mind my asking, how did you go about finding your Dr. in Charlotte? Did you have to be referred to your Dr?

09-30-09, 03:03 PM
Which health insurances do the psych Dr.s take in Charlotte NC? I am curious because I am just now trying to get my health insurance changed to here.

01-23-10, 05:07 AM
University Psychiatric Associates, PA
Suite 104
8320 University Executive Park
Charlotte NC 28262 Phone 704-549-8797 DEA Licensed:)
V. Alan Lombardi, M.D. (Psychiatrist who treats AD/HD with C-II's)
Insurance taken: MedCost MedCost Preferred + others
Possibly Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC
Another source is:
Eastover Psychological & Psychiatric Group
3303 Latrobe Dr. Charlotte NC 28211 Ph 704-362-2663
Caremark, MedCost, Medcost Preferred, Humana,
Possibly Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC + others
Rachel Shemtov M.D. (treats AD/HD patients)
Another source is:
Scott N. Lurie, M.D. D.F.A.P.A.
1132 Greenwood Cliff
Charlotte NC 28204 ph 704-376-6577
Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC + others
Possibly MedCost & MedCost Preferred
Another source is:
Hayne McMeekin M.D. (Psychiatrist)
3315 Springbank Lane Suite 302
Charlotte NC 28226
Bell Grove Office Park
Ph 704-752-7587
Initial Intake Fee (New Patient) is $250.00
Treats AD/HD patients & has DEA License NC & SC
Insurance Plans?
Possibly Blue Cross Blue Shield + Others

01-24-10, 12:41 AM
Hi, I'm in Raleigh.
28 yr old single mom of a 2 yr old.
ADD, GAD, Depression
I would name all of the meds I've been on, but it would take too long.

01-24-10, 01:18 AM
i grew up outside of charlotte....plan to return soon....miss NC soooo much...
inattentive just diagnosed abt 6 mons ago...26...

07-26-10, 02:50 PM
Hi my name is jeff. I'm Raleigh and just started on meds at 40. Pretty confused and trying to learn how to adjust. Looking for groups to meet with here so I ain't feelin all alone. Send me a message if you know where any groups meet thanx

03-08-11, 12:26 AM
My name's Jonathan;
21 years old

Grew up in Hillsborough, NC

Since '99 I've lived in Rutherford County, NC (near Asheville)

ADHD and incredibly inept because of it.

Rock on!


03-21-11, 08:18 PM
40 yo with 2 small boys... no one seems to understand and I'm constantly "labeled" with no-so-lovely labels. no meds have helped but haven't tried anything but strattera for the adhd. wishing for a light!!

03-21-11, 08:21 PM
re: the list posted in this a list of those who deal with adult adhd?

03-23-11, 09:40 AM

Pretty sure it's a list of docs who treat ADD/ADHD.

Also, I just wanted to tell you: don't be discouraged! Straterra, in my opinion, is not as an effective ADHD med as its stimulant counterparts.

I recommend Adderall. It may not work for you, but it has worked wonderfully for me. I'm an APA member, and when I get a chance, I will pm you (or just post) a list of NC doctors who specialize in ADHD treatment.

If you don't mind my asking, could you tell me where would be an ideal location for a doctor's office? That is, how far would you be willing to travel? What city do you live in?

I really want to help you out, and I hope that I can.


03-23-11, 10:31 PM
John, that would be great. I live outside of Charlotte and about equal distance to Concord and Monroe NC, so any of those would be good. If I can find a fabulous doctor who can help me get my crap together...I"m willing to drive!!!! Right now I know a bunch that deal with adhd in children but it has become apparent that the two need very different therapies. I tend to overstimulate and go into my "cave" so it looks a lot like depression sometimes... as well as serious fatigue issues, so it might be a mix. Anti-depressants help the energy but do not touch the adhd.

I appreciate any info. Thanks a bunch =)

05-11-11, 06:54 AM
I am from Henderson County area and my name is Lara and currently on no meds for ADD but trying natural ways of handling my ADD although.

05-12-11, 02:24 AM
hey guys, i live in Raleigh :) i was diagnosed with AD/HD when i was a kid, but i have a lot of other co-existing disorders, so i am on a lot of medication.

thank you so much for your post, Ridgerunner, i am currently looking for a psychiatrist that specializes in AD/HD!!

05-12-11, 09:53 PM
Happygirl-I know a psy doctor in Rutherford county if thats isnt too far from you.

05-12-11, 11:03 PM
Disclaimer- I am not from nc. But I am driving through On way to beach and I lived there last year. Staying in the queen city tonight. I love NC! I love the piggly wiggly and red clay!

05-12-11, 11:09 PM
is that an eatery?I had a cousin who lived in Raleigh,the crab apple tree mall.

05-13-11, 09:38 AM
is that an eatery?I had a cousin who lived in Raleigh,the crab apple tree mall.

i'm like less than 10 minutes from crabtree mall right now!! (i'm at work :( )

05-13-11, 05:10 PM
I went there when i WAS 14 back in 1989 to see my cousins son an his wife married.Parents took me to the Mall there and I had japanese Tempura for 1st time in the food court there.I think we stayed in a best western or hilton or sheraton I dont quite remember.I caught the leg band from the bride when the groom launched it into the crowd I jumped out and grabbed it from every 1 2 feet in,I guess adhd an impulsivity is good for soemthing.So much for being the 1st out of every 1 to have been married 1st an have kids and all that jazz an hoopla that goes along w it.

04-18-12, 12:37 PM
Julian, NC
Two of my four sons have
ADHD, Dysgraphia, one of them has anxiety issues.

06-18-12, 01:18 AM
I'm Ashley. I'm 26 and was diagnosed almost three weeks ago with ADHD. My brother and uncle also have it so at least I know I got it honest lol! I also was diagnosed with GAD and depression in 2009. I live in the tiny town of Plymouth, born and raised. So glad to have found this site and the wonderful information available.:)

10-10-12, 12:17 AM
I am Wendy, a 32 year old single Mom of 2. I have just in the past year learning that I have Adult ADD after my 12 year old was diagnosed. I have been looking for a doctor for treatment with not much luck. If anyone knows any doctors close to Rowan or Cabarrus please let me know. I have medicaid and my primary care doctor (after 6 months) still has not made any referralls.

01-24-14, 07:02 AM
Jin in Morrisville/Raleigh area here, diagnosed over a year ago with ADHD. On my second psychiatrist and in search of another. Reason being, I've tried 4 types of stimulants (3 successful however my metabolism is really high and it burns through my body too quickly, even at high doses). Any referrals for docs or therapists would be great, particularly in downtown raleigh or cary pwky. Thanks!

02-18-14, 03:52 PM
Hey y'all, I moved to Charlotte from NJ/NYC in 2012. I'm currently in Rock Hill but just thought I'd say hi to the Charlotte folks! It's nice down here except for the fact that I've been unable to find treatment. My NYC doc treated me remotely for a year but then I had to find my own doc and never did. At the time I was broke anyway and couldn't afford the intake fees. Now I have a little bit of scratch together and am tackling it again! My ADHD seems to be getting worse (I'm 43) which makes the process a little difficult. It is just really discouraging that so many psychiatrists don't want to see adults. It just feels like one more time in life that being an adult ADHDer is too much trouble for someone. But I will persist, and if I make progress I will share the info here! I will be cross posting in the SC thread since I am technically there. xo

01-13-15, 04:12 PM
Hello from Wilkesboro!

I'm 47 married with 2 boys (18 & 13)

Officially diagnosed and medicated in 1998. Ritalin 10mg 3 x daily.

I've always put it on the back burner and never tried to research or reach out until now.