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12-20-03, 07:07 PM
This is a roll call for members living in Ohio . Please give a brief intro.

Relationship to AD/HD

12-26-03, 05:53 PM
Name - Brenda
Location - Akron Ohio
Relationship to AD/HD - I was diagnosed with ADD in May of 2003
Am currently on Adderall 20 mg. in the morning and 10 or 20 mg. in mid afternoon (depending on the day).
I am also on Celexa for mild depression.

12-28-03, 08:01 PM
Hello, most call me Andi, my family and I live in Central Ohio. We have two children diagnosed, son 13, ADHD, on Adderall and daughter 12, ADD, on Ritalin. We deal with the ins and outs of the disorder/difference and always look forward to discovering new insights and concepts. Although our local community is riddled with ADDers, there is little done to assimilate or comprehend the condition, which continues the mass misunderstanding and apprehension. Support groups do not blossom in an area ensconced with thorns.

02-23-04, 05:17 PM
My name is Ken. I live in NE Ohio (Youngstown area). I have yet to be dx'd, but all the "tell-tale" signs are there. I have begun therapy with a counselor for depression/anxiety. I will be seeing Dr. Romaniuk in Akron when my wife's insurance kicks in (within a month).

03-10-04, 01:56 PM
i have ADD im 31 single mother of 3 and im taking Adderall xr 25mg.... i was diagnosed in Nov of 2003

03-10-04, 02:09 PM
Welcome April. If you need anything, you have my email. Don't hesitate to write me for any reason.

03-11-04, 12:53 PM
Thank you
its nice to know im not the only one dealing with this.

Take care April

03-11-04, 01:14 PM
My name is Rich... I'm in North Royalton and I have ADD along with Asperger's Syndrome. Nice to meet all of you.

03-27-04, 12:01 AM
hello Bassman
im also from cleveland nice to meet you if need anything or just want to chat you can e-mail me on aol.the name is ItsAprilNohio

04-28-04, 06:07 PM
Hi everyone!

My name is Kim and I'm from the Cleveland area in Ohio. Eastlake to be exact.

I was recently dx'd. ADHD, Anxiety and Depression. Currently going through a Strattera trial but having difficulties. Went off the med this week due to my blood pressure going up 30 points! Doc asked me to get off for the week, keep track of blood pressure this week. Try Strattera again next week. If BP goes back up, discontinue and look at another med, I guess.

I also have a heart condition called Mitral Valve Prolapse. So high blood pressure is not an option!

Nice to meet you all!

05-25-04, 02:21 PM
Hello All!

I'm outside the Cincinnati area. My son was diagnosed with ADHD a year and a half ago. He's currently taking Ritalin LA.

Nice to meet everyone.

06-02-04, 01:57 AM
hello, fellow ohioans.

I'm from Dayton, just recently diagnosed and now trying Strattera.

I'm hoping to find a group in the area, but it seems that everybody with AD/HD is in either Cincy, Cleveland, or Columbus.

06-06-04, 12:18 PM
Hi everyone! I am Dani with ADD from Dayton! I was diagnosed right before my 33rd birthday. I am now 39.

Fencer, maybe we can form a group here if we get enough people!

08-08-04, 03:25 PM

I'm Mary from Toledo Ohio. My 11 yr. old was dx at 5 with severe adhd. I'm so glad I found this site!:D

Trooper Keith
08-17-04, 08:51 PM
Name- Keith Miller
City - Athens, Ohio
Story - I was diagnosed "Borderline ADD" back on the ol' DSM-III when I was 9, but my parents didn't medicate. I dealt with it for a long time, but earlier this summer (18 now) I was having a lot of trouble dealing with things, and a lot of symptoms coming back from childhood. So we saw a doctor, but he was the wrong type (Neuropsychologist) and said "You have symptoms strongly, strongly indicative of ADHD, but if I tell you you have it, your insurance won't cover this visit." So then he recommended medication and sent a referall to my main doctor, who has me on Ritalin. It's working very very well actually.

Anyways, I'm a student at Ohio University, Athens. Normally I live in Wheeling, West Virginia, near Bridgeport, Ohio on the River.

09-24-04, 02:26 PM
Today I had my suspisions confirmed and was diagnosed with add. I am an adult male, college graduate and working professional in his mid 30's and do not have any other psychological problems.
Since I have not yet started any medical treatment and have just begun my research on ADD I would appreciate any input others would like to share, especially about what to expect and would appreciate any suggestions about reading material or tips for success such as organization, etc.

09-28-04, 01:04 PM
Hi there, I'm really glad to have found this site and hoping to find a group of people to talk with on a regular basis. I have just been diagnosed with severe ADD at the young age of 59!! and am reeling with a lot of feelings of anger, depression, grief and immense joy that I have finally found a therapist who figured it out!

I live east of Cleveland in Lake county and am currently taking time off of work to regain some sense of balance.........whatever that is - ha ha ha... am also greatful I quit alcohol and drugs a while ago or would have not been here today to have finally figured out what the hell was wrong for the last 40 years.....The next 20 or so are going to be a hum doozey!!!!!!!!!!! I would very much like to set up some sort of a regular chat with others who have come to terms with some of these feelings and other "newbies" . My husband and close friends are really supportative but I just need others to check some of my thinking out with.....if ya know what I mean :)

09-28-04, 01:12 PM
I had purchased a book called "Driven to Distraction" when I thought my step-daughter was ADD, had her tested and she is not - turns out the joke is on me and I just finished reading it for myself. It is fairly technical, thorough and useful. Since I work as a Chemical Dependency Counsler it was easy for me to read. The second one that I am now working through is called "You Mean I'M Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy?" and I am also geting a lot of good information from it. Good luck on your new adventure, and keep asking questions!!!

10-30-04, 07:02 AM
Technically, I'm not a buckeye...I'm a transplant from Pennsylvania. I moved to Ohio in the spring of 2003. Okay, about me: I live near Dayton, I'm 35, I was diagnosed with adhd in 1997. Initially, I took adderall, but it didn't work for me after about a year and a half. The doctor switched me to concerta, and I've been taking that ever since. I take 36 mg in the am, and 18 mg in the early afternoon. It works for me.
I have four children: girl, 11-adhd boy, almost 8-adhd/ld girl 4 1/2-very active but not officially diagnosed with anything at this point, although the family doctor feels she is probably "one of us," ;) and a son, 17 months old. We take things one day at a time.
I have overcome a lot of obstacles to get to where I am now, and I have plenty more to cross. I just keep making myself put one foot in front of the other. I successfully completed two college programs while living in PA, and currently work as a substitute teacher 3-5 days a week in the same district where my children attend. I hope to have a full time contract by the next school year.
The other day, I saw a poster on the wall in one of the English classrooms that has a lot of meaning to me: A goal is a dream with a deadline.

12-19-04, 09:11 PM
I'm Nova and I'm in Cleveland, Ohio. I've had ADHD my entire life, and am trying to deal with my issues daily. :)
It's great to meet y'all.

12-29-04, 08:42 PM
my name is steven i live in twinsburg ohio. home of the twinsday festival!!! i am live about 20 minutes from cleveland. i am 15 i was diagnosed with adhd combined type when i was 7 and i am currently taking ritalin.

12-29-04, 10:29 PM
I think 'Driven to Distraction' is a staple for ADDers. It is technical, but it covers such vast information, that can lead to other areas of research.

01-08-05, 07:41 PM
hello im tracey i live in cincinnati ohio and had adhd my hole life they just started doing something about it 12 of 2004 im on conserta for about a month now

01-20-05, 07:50 PM
Hello everyone. My name is Chris. I am 23 years old and I live in the northeast Ohio area. I was diagnosed with ADD, along with several other family members, about a year and a half ago. This was after barely graduating high school and simply losing interest in college. I'm still trying to make sense of this thing and still trying to learn to live with it. Anyways, I'm glad theres other people out there who I can relate to. If anyone wants to talk with me about anything, feel free to contact me.

01-23-05, 12:51 PM
Hi ,I am Steve from brooklyn,ohio. I have not yet been diagnosed but all the signs and then some are there. I have been reading these posts on here and have been very enlightened!! Anyhow,stop by and say hello!!

02-01-05, 03:37 AM
hi I am auntchris, my name is chris though. I am from Lakewood, which is one city west of Cleveland. I have lived here 44 yrs come this July. I am currently on Strattera of ADHD, and Cymbalta and celexa for mild depression.

I was just diagnosed with ADHD, last May by my pyschiatrist. I am looking for a new therapist since my old one left and we didnt see each other or really have closure. I also deal with BPD. auntchris (Chris)

02-03-05, 08:17 PM
Hello all. My name is Tim and I was just diagnosed with ADD 3 months ago. I am 33 years old. I live on the west side of Cleveland (40 miles), but work in Cleveland.

I have read "Driven to Distraction" by Dr. Hallowell and "Healing ADD" by Dr. Amen. Very good resources. I have had the opportunity to review my old report cards and all the signs were present.

I have to sons, 4y and 7y. They are both exhibiting signs, which we are watching very closely.

This site gives us such a great forum to discuss our issues and relate to each other.

02-05-05, 03:19 AM
My name is ray 25yrs old cleveland area attending cuyahoga community college for comptuer networking degrees, I was labled with add when i was yonger around 12 i belive i wasn't on medication that long then, yrs went on boom back in college all my school trouble started hitting me again, I take adderall 30mg I wish i had this drug when i was younger it would've helped. .

02-13-05, 02:06 PM

Welcome to the forums.

I, too, am a Network Engineer (Cisco CCNP). I was never formally diagnosed with ADD/HD as a child, but boy should I have been. It wasn't until 5 months ago when I finally hit the "wall" that I was diagnosed. Typical ADD job issues, relationship issues and depression all came together at once (that's my "wall"). See meds I'm on now within my signature. They truly saved my life (not physically). I feel the best ever now than out of my entire life.

Looking forward to your opinions and contributions within the forums.

02-19-05, 12:00 AM
Hanging in Toledo. What was I saying?

03-18-05, 04:30 AM
Name - Dan
Quest - To find the Holy Grail
Favorite Color - Yellow, no Green......

Ooops, wrong movie

I'm Dan
I live in Aurora, OH

I was diagnosed w. ADD in the spring of '03. I've been on Concerta and Adderall, both have their drawbacks but beat the 3 pots of coffee I used to drink daily. (NOT kidding). Thinking of asking my neurologist for Dexedrine when I see him next.

Secret talent: I can make my pupils "shake" at will. I'm told it's called Nystagmus. Anyone else have this superpower?

I have 3 kids, the oldest is my 8 yr old son, who has been diagnosed with Aspergers, ADHD and Tourettes Syndrome. IMHO, my older brother also has undiagnosed Aspergers and ADHD, makes involuntary noises too so you can throw in Tourettes as well. Definite genetic component if you ask me.

I'm not an Ohio native (I'm a genuine Balti-moron). My wife talked me into buying her a McMansion and moving the family here from Maryland two years ago. She has since informed me she's gay. I'm divorcing her. It's ugly. I'm also an atty., but don't hold that against me.

03-18-05, 05:15 PM
Hello every one, My name is Tim. I live in Liberty, Just out side of youngstown. I have never been dx with ADD or ADHD, But sometimes I really thing I have it. I seem to manage well with all the things that have gone on in my Life.
I have a 13yo son that is ADHD he is the reason I found this wonderful place...

03-19-05, 04:33 PM
I also posted this idea in the 'Ohio' section on here.
I wondered how all of you would feel about some of us (those who are able) getting together about once a month, at a public place.
Depending on how many members attending, we could decide on a place that would be centrally located to the majority of attendees.
We could meet at a restaurant, coffee shop, bowling alley, anywhere y'all would like!
Let me know how you feel about this. All family members, would be welcome, of course.
I think it would be so much fun to meet each other in person every month!

03-20-05, 03:24 PM
:) I would consider it, Nova...depending upon where, when, etc. The annual picnics I have attended have been great in other states, but a monthly kind of get together would be nice. have a ton on your plate. I hope things are going well for you and your family. I am also not a native buckeye. I'm from Pennsylvania. When the big debates over Michigan or Ohio State happen, I yawn a lot :rolleyes: .

I come from a family of attorneys, but they tell the best lawyer jokes, so it's all good! Anyway, welcome to the forums.

03-20-05, 03:27 PM
:) Welcome to the forums, Decrovid! Glad you found the site. What is keeping you from getting yourself evaluated formally? (just curious)

03-20-05, 06:00 PM
I also posted a response in the other thread but i think a meet up time would be great!!
Ms Sunshine...can you bring some sunny days here? lol

03-21-05, 12:10 AM

I'm going to wait and see how many people are interested, and try and get a centrally located spot between all of those interested, within reason.
If that proves to be too taxing, lol ! I'll just impulsively pick a place and a date, and post it, to whomever would like to join me, lol !
And as for attorneys, well...I have a soft spot for them...I work with them, and am working on becoming one in a few years!! And I only laugh at the jokes said by attorneys regarding attorneys!
Hope y'all are doing well!

03-21-05, 12:46 AM
Nova,what area of ohio are you from?
I am in the southwest area of cleveland. 480 and 77 area.
If i knew the area I could offer sugestions maybe..
ps.i also posted on the other thread too..

Tim T
04-17-05, 10:13 PM
Hi I am TimT, I,m 50 and was Dx about nine months ago, started out on Strattera but it didn't work for me, now I take Adderall XR and seems to be working OK:)

04-19-05, 11:59 PM
I'm a West sider. Close to Brookpark. I can always swing by and pick up anyone who would need a ride, too, as long as it wasn't too far out.

04-20-05, 12:51 AM
I am still here Nova. That is nice of you Nova.

05-02-05, 02:41 PM
My name is Annie & my oldest son was diagnosed with ADD about a year ago. When his doctor asked if there was a family history, I thought back to my own childhood, remembering that I had done a lot of the things that my own son was doing.

After that, I did some research on the net & found that 90% of the symptoms applied to me.

Oh, btw, I'm in Brooklyn, west side of Cleveland :o

05-04-05, 12:04 AM
Ok- here is the count of all the members who are on this board only:
3-West side of Cleveland
4-Cleveland (not sure West or East)
2- Cinci
2-East side of Cleveland
1-Elyria/Lake County

So... where's it going to be????
Or should we split off into hives that are more local?
This count does not represent people who responded when I posted this initially, by the way. It is just a total of the individuals on this 'topic' of Ohio Roll Call.
Someone help in deciding, will 'yous' ?

05-26-05, 11:16 AM
Newbie here...from Columbus. Not officially diagnosed yet but I expect I will be when I see the doc next month. Every inventory (including that long 101 question one on Dr. Amen's site) says ADD inattentive type.

Nice to meet you all!

05-28-05, 12:45 AM
Welcome Titanica..nice to see you here..

07-19-05, 09:11 PM
hello my name is gwen
i was diagnose with ADD when i was young and I am parent of a teenager with ADHD, OD, and bi-polar. I bought a book called "ADHD and Teens, A Parent's Guide to Making It Through the Tough Years" by Colleen Alexandar-Roberts and within this book she suggested this forum for support and education. I am going to college but have found out that I have ran out of Stafford Loans and as right now I am unable to get other loans. My daughter is 17 yrs old and I am desperately seeking advice, support and education so that I can help her to transcend to adulthood.
Also my health insurance doesnt cover Adderall XR but will cover the regular Adderall that is taken more than once a day.

07-20-05, 05:23 PM
Welcome to the forums greddick

07-28-05, 03:22 AM
Hi, my name's John and I've finally been diagnosed with ADD. I live on Cleveland's Eastside and hopefully can find others close to commisurate with. I don't know if I'm doing this right...

07-28-05, 01:12 PM
Hey, John. Welcome to the forums. This is the best place to on the Net for ADHD. Congrats on your diagnosis. I hope it helped explain a lot of the feelings you have delt with all your life. Let it soak in and learn as much as possible. If you hyper-focus this won't be a problem. ;) Get the book(s) "Driven to Distraction" and "Delivered from Distraction" by Hallowell. These are the best books for those that have just been diagnosed. Cuyahoga County library has multiple copies. Read the posts, but remember there are just as many "opinions" posted as there are "facts".

Don't worry about going things "right" on the forums. Just be yourself and you'll find a lot of people you can relate to.

Good luck.:D

08-04-05, 07:07 PM
Hi, my name is Wayne Kelley, and my wife and I are raising an 11-year old son with ADHD/Bipolar Disorder and serious behavioral issues. We live on the west side of Cleveland, OH, and are looking to hook up with other parents of kids with similar issues. We have a line on educational help outside of the public/parochial schools, but need other families to get involved and make it a reality, so if anyone is interested they can contact me -

10-13-05, 05:10 PM

Name: Victoria
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Relationship to AD/HD: I was diagnosed with ADD at age nine. Right now I'm taking Adderall XR (20mg) each day. (Currently 17 years old) :)

11-29-05, 07:39 AM
Andi, Love your mood swing advisor - Why not check out the new group I am starting? Details found in my post, dated 11-24-05.

02-22-06, 04:09 AM
my name is madison, I'm 22 and I live just outside of Columbus and am a Senior at OSU. I was diagnosed in March of 2004, was on Strattera which worked for a while but then just made me flat out sick. I just started Adderall last friday which is how I came across this forum (which is great by the way!!!). I am aspiring to be a lawyer and dealing with a lot in my life. I take care of my mother who suffers from serious depression and fibromyalgia. I hope that by talking to people on here I can find better coping skills for my ADD, depression, and anxiety, because they are really controlling my life now. ANYWAYS....thats a little about me, I love to communicate and will give insight to anyone who wants an honest opinion about something or just needs to get something off their chest!! :)

02-23-06, 09:05 PM
Hi All,
I'm from Cincinnati - was diagnosed when I was a child, long ago. They believed you outgrew it back then. Well, here I am years later and I never outgrew it! Just finding my way to help as a middleaged women. Glad to have found this forum.


03-01-06, 06:53 AM
I am 58 years old male from Painesville who was diagnosed last year as ADD and Bipolar. Finally, I have labels for why I do the things I do. :) I also have my share of additional medical problems. :mad:

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Just Weird
03-08-06, 09:34 AM
I'm Heather and a 37-year-old mom near Cleveland with ADD. I don't have the Hyper, I have the Hypo and it wasn't until my daughter was diagnosed at the Cleve. Clinic that I really understood the impact of my ADD.

I have two daughters. One 11 and one 3 1/2. Today, my little one is reminding of Attila the Hun. I've been married for 15 years and feel really good about my life right now.

What I would most love, however, is the ability to meet with other ADD/ADHD Moms to vent over the trials and tribulations of trying to meet everyone's expectations while sifting through the fog of ADD.:rolleyes:

03-08-06, 11:28 AM
Welcome the the group. This is a great place to learn, vent and share. Glad you are feeling "good" right now. Unfortunately, a lot of people that find the forums do not feel this way.

Hope you find this site useful.

07-16-06, 01:33 PM
Hi, I'm Calvin.

I posted a longer intro in the main Introduction forum.

I'm 49 years old, living in Columbus and was diagnosed a couple of years ago. I'm just now getting around to doing constructive things about it, which is fairly typical of me. In between then and now, what I've been doing is having rambling, pointless (but enjoyable) conversations with the psychologist who did the diagnoses.

I just joined the board here. I look forward to learning from the people who know this thing best.

08-16-06, 09:35 AM
Hi all,
I'm Cindy in Cincinnati.
I am 42, and would also be interested in connecting w/ people in the Southern Ohio area. If someone is aware of a support group, let me know. Thanks!

08-19-06, 02:45 PM
Hello to all,
My name is Mark and I'm new here, I have not been properly diagnosed with ADD but from all I have been reading on this broad and other broad my life story is a lot like others here. I live in the Cincinnati area and was hoping someone could tell me of good doctors in this area that know ADD and works with adults. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks Mark

08-24-06, 09:02 PM
Hey all in Ohio!

My name is Betty. I was diagnosed with ADD 4 years ago. I currently take 60mg of Adderall XR once a day. I'm also Bipolar...what a combination!

I live in Xenia in the southwestern part of Ohio. 20 mins from Dayton, roughly an hour from Cincinnati and Columbus! Depends on what kind of music I'm listening to at the time I'm driving! Mach 10 sounds about right! :eek:

Don't feel so alone now!

10-04-06, 05:57 PM
Hi All,

MrMark, did you ever get a doctor recommendation? If not, The Affinity Center ( ) is in Montgomery and devoted exclusively to ADHD diagnosis and treatment. It's expensive, but very worth it. They seem to really know their stuff.

BTW Everybody, I'm in Cincinnati proper. I'm an almost-41-year-old woman, and was diagnosed in August with inattentive type. I'm not yet taking any drugs, but weighing everyone's commentaries on the topic as I read them on this and other forums. I'm currently working with a coach to finish a very late final MA paper so I can get this ~*$#&@ degree and move on. Then I'll be needing some career advice.

Cindy, there's a monthly Greater Cincinnati support group that meets in Mason. You can look it up on ( They meet the 4th Tuesday of the month. I also noticed several listed under ADD/ADHD at (, although no one has a group out of them. I wouldn't mind meeting up with people for support more than 1x/month. Are any of you Cincy people interested in this?


11-04-06, 01:09 AM
Thanks for the info Soupy,, I have not been to doc yet. Hadn't heard of good place till now.

11-15-06, 10:22 PM
Hi all!
I'm from Chardon, Ohio. Was diagnosed 1 month ago. I'm on Ritalin AR. It has been a relief to be diagnosed. It sure answers a lot of questions for me. I am still kinda reeling from this. It affects all of my life. My doc and I are still tweaking meds. (that is confusing) So, basically I'm treading water here.

Nice to meet all of you.

01-13-07, 04:49 PM
Hi there-

I live in the Cleveland area. I'm 38 and I was diagnosed about 10 years ago. I take 10 mg Ritalin 3x day when I'm not pregnant or nursing! I have three boys and I'm a stay at home mom.


04-14-07, 10:39 PM
Name- Laura G
City-Cincinnati, Ohio
Story- Dx adhd at 35, but should have been evident to someone in elementary school.
I have been thru all of the typical struggles of adhd when untreated, I just didn't know it until recently. I have a 12 y.o. daughter who may be mildly add, but not dx at this time, a 6 y.o. son with a big whopping case of adhd and is also probably somewhere on the autism spectrum. and 3 y.o. probably typical.
medications- I take adderall xr. It was like a miracle, yet not a cure all. My son takes Trileptal (for aggression), zoloft (for anxiety), and just started metadate (ritalin). I'm hoping to get him into a special school next year specifically for kids with adhd/asd.
Nice to meet all of you!!!!!!

10-29-07, 04:37 PM
Name - Mark
Age - 28
City- Cincinnati, Ohio
Story - To make it short. I was Dx with ADD at 17 and then my doc thought it could be just clinical depression. So i was treated as such for about 10 years. Then the same doc might have thought Bi-Polar Type 2 so i started on meds for that. Now i am seeing a therapist (whom i have a tendancy to believe over this doc now) for Adult ADHD.

02-12-08, 09:03 PM
my name is Steve i am from Toledo Ohio i was diagnosed with adhd back in the 70's toke ritalin till i was 13 of course the dummies thought you grow out of it . then i was diagnosed with adult adhd in 2003 they put me on strattera . That caused me to have a heart attack my age is 35 i have a stint and a pacemaker . I will live . But i will not trust another medication . I would most definitely like to meat some friends from here just to compare notes be friends and not have to becarfull about how one acts.

03-30-08, 12:27 AM
My name is Lisa and I live in Dayton. I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 4 years old. I'm 40 now. I take 100mg of Strattera daily and it's working the best it can at this point. I also take 450 mg of Wellbutrin daily for OCD and 2mg of Ativan three times a day to take the edge off of all of that and to help me sleep.

04-17-08, 04:43 PM
Im in Dayton. Im trying to find a doctor that will treat my husband for his ADD. He was diagnosed and treated as a child. He recently enrolled in college and did so horrible that he had to withdrawl. He wants to continue with school but needs medicated to concentrate. I either find a doctor that is not in Anthem group or doctors that cant see him until July. Can anyone give me a referral? thanks

06-04-08, 01:08 AM
I'm sorry to bother you, but I read your post on the ohio forum and noticed that you live in cleveland. I was diagnosed with ADHD when I started college here in cleveland, but have been trouble finding a doctor because I'm from Chicago and don't know anyone who suffers from ADHD here.
If you could refer a doctor in the area, it would be a great help!

03-08-09, 07:23 PM
Hello all Ohioans, I go by Mark (difficult real name), live in Columbus. I'm 42 single, was diagnosed with ADD 6 weeks ago, currently taking 30 mg of Adderall/day plus 30 mg of Lexapro which I was put on following my divorce last year, I think I had it all my life but seems to have worsened to the point of almost destroying my career following the emotional stress that was associated with the divorce.

07-16-09, 09:28 AM
My name is Kim and I believe I have been ADHD for many years......not diagnosed yet, but in the process. As an adult I thought I could keep this under control, but cannot. I've noticed alot of people have depression and anxiety as well. I do too. I also wonder if RLS is a symptom?? Restless Leg Syndrome. I have this and was just curious........I am in the Columbus are:)

07-23-09, 04:37 AM
Hi, I'm Audrey. I'm (almost) 32 years old.

I live about twenty minutes east of Cincinnati, OH.

I was diagnosed with ADD (inattentive) last August but am not currently being medicated for it. I have also been diagnosed with depression and am being treated for that with Cymbalta.

11-24-09, 05:43 PM
Shawn from Columbus, Ohio, age 25. Diagnosed in July while seeking treatment for depression. Currently untreated/unmedicated, deciding how to proceed from here.

Coy Cutiee
04-27-10, 08:12 PM
Name - Cara. 21 year old.
Location - Toledo, Ohio
Relationship to AD/HD - was diagnosed with ADD at young age and struggled with it for years but I am getting better now ^.^

08-23-10, 11:56 PM

Amy, 31, living 30 mins north of Dayton.
Found out earlier this year and still struggling with some things but coming around =]
Number one goal is to remain positive and have the best outlook on this as possible!

04-15-13, 11:24 AM
Hi everyone!

My name is Leah and I'm originally from, and currently living in, the Holmes County area (I usually just tell people "amish country" to simplify things. There's literally nothing else around). I just moved back a few months ago after living in Kent for 2 years and Columbus for 4 years.

I was officially diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 20, and words cannot express how much of a difference it has made for both myself and my family. Since starting on medication and reading many of the books on ADHD that helped me finally understand exactly why I had struggled in so many areas of life, I finally feel like I'm not just "Lazy, Stupid, or Crazy"!

Anyways, it's great to see so many fellow Ohioans. Nice to meet you all!

04-15-13, 11:29 AM
Cleveland !!

Go browns!!

04-16-13, 09:37 AM
^^^^^^ I wouldn't be proud of that :D.....just kidding

04-16-13, 09:39 AM
You watch this is gonna be the year:rolleyes:

04-16-13, 09:43 AM
That's what they alllllll say.... haha... I don't get into it, I'm just messing with you.

04-22-13, 05:26 AM
[quote=lns120;1473081]Hi everyone!

My name is Leah and I'm originally from, and currently living in, the Holmes County area (I usually just tell people "amish country" to simplify things.

Hi, Leah! I come from eastern Knox County and moved to Mount Vernon for about ten years. I'd still be living in Mount Vernon if I could find work there. As you probably know, the Amish have expanded their territory down that way over the years.

I was diagnosed at the age of 46 and have had communication issues with medical people prior to becoming uninsured. The best tool of all I have found is a sense of humor.

12-28-13, 10:51 AM
My name is Jeff
currently living with wife and 2 kids in
Marysville, Ohio

06-08-14, 05:39 PM
Can anyone in recommend a ADHD psychiatrist in the Columbus, Ohio area? I've been seeing Dr. Brandemihl but he's expensive and doesn't take insurance. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


02-19-16, 06:49 PM
Im tim, find it interesting how many other network engineers on here posting no surprise. I have enjoyed adhd for 25 years and been treated as an adult for 5 years. I had quit taking my drugs at 15 and started again at 27. Currently am treated with adderall xr and its a god send. But for all the negatives of the adhd i also see plenty of positives. Im in toledo ohio. Still amazes me how many others deal with this.