View Full Version : Talking about ADD in an interview--good or bad idea?

01-12-07, 03:32 PM
I applied for a job (pretty competitive), and part of the application involved submitting a transcript. I wrote an addendum to the transcript to explain how ADD had affected my grades and that I was working harder and with treatment to improve. I advanced to the 2nd round of the job process for an interview. Is it true that employers cannot ask directly about a disability? They probably won't, but I know it may be on their mind and it's actually something I do not mind talking about.

For example, I may get a question like, "what is your biggest weakness?" or "what do you believe you can improve about yourself?"

I want to answer "my inattentiveness" and then lay out how I've started treatment, new ways of organizing, learning about it, etc. to demonstrate how it's a weakness I am improving (which is what they are looking for in the answer).

The question is, if given the opportunity, do I go ahead and talk about having inattentive-add in a positive way or do I just not talk about it at all? It is a teaching job, so I could even say that I would be better able to understand the struggles that many of my students are facing with either ADD or different ways of learning.

Has anyone had experience either way with doing this? Any suggestions?


01-12-07, 04:12 PM
Should have searched first, found another thread: