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01-13-07, 08:05 PM
Hi everyone

My son was just diagnoised with ADHD and ODD. My doctor told me to try him on the meds for these to problems first. If the meds hype him up more then normal the he does not have ADHD but he does have bipolar. She also clued me in that children that are very young like mine, which he is 4, that it is hard to tell the difference in the two. So many of the symptoms are similar to each disorder. So now i guess it is a waiting game. Oh by the way, I'm new to the forums and new to parenting a child with ADHD, if anyone is willing to give me some advice about the whole thing. I would absolutly love it. Thanks:)


02-20-07, 10:00 PM
ADHD and Bipolar are common conditions that can be misdiagnosed or under/over diagnosed in children. Your doctor is using the meds as a way of finding out which condition your child actually has. This can help as long as the child benefits and doesn't have major side effects from the drugs. I think like you said, all you can do for the moment is wait it out, but watch your child and report any adverse reactions to the doctor and let the doc know all the side effects your child experiences. Best of luck...


02-20-07, 10:50 PM
Hi Amanda, and welcome to the forums.

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06-16-07, 05:52 AM
Hi Amanda. I too have a son diagonised with adhd and odd. I am still not convinced it isn't bi-polar. My husband is adhd and bi polar. JB reminds me of his father so much. The paedatrician isn't ruling out BP yet. We have started him on Ritalin 10, 3 days ago to see if there is any difference. By the way JB is 8 years old. Isn't it great there is people to share our problems with?!

06-18-07, 10:02 AM
Welcome Me76....

We are happy you found your way to our little world over here as well.

I am the mother of 3 ADD/ADHD boys. 15, 10, 9.

My 15 year old was diagnosed with ADD age 5, ODD by age 7 or so, and BipolarII this year.

It's been a long hard road, and we are still hiking. But this place has been amazing, for help with him and help with my BipolarII as well.

If you need anything let us know. And please continue to visit us, we welcome any newbies in our "Cycling" Club!