View Full Version : Having two boys with adhd/bipolar

01-04-06, 12:15 AM
Having two boys with adhd/bipolar one 11 and one now 16, living with this for 9 years now found there is no controlling those outraged fits. However, I did find that the quicker I am at de-esculating the situation that is potentially going in that direction the better. Once the eyes are glossed over and there is no clear response from them I know I'm in for things flying, foul language and so on. I do use the restraint hold. Or better term hug of love. Just to keep them from hurting themselves or anyone else. And yes I may end up doing this for a half hour or so until the rage is gone. Once they come out of it and do their 180 they do appologize. Strangly they don't seem to remember much? They may remember bits and pieces but not all of what was said or done. Thank you for that information above. It is unfortunetly right to the point. Myself I crave all information I can get on my childrens' disorders. Everything I learn I can use in my own experiences. Luckly both children are stable at the moment tho I know and have learned that there will come a time when I will once again have to adjust medications, deal with possible suicidal thoughts or rush to the school to prevent an outburst there. As Scuro mentioned a routine I found has been a must. Wake up the same time and sleep the same time. School, chores so on. This keeps them going. This also helps me to notice any changes that may be coming when suddenly the routine has been interrupted..such as the lack of sleep they need. Mania setting in where they don't or can't sleep during this time. Then I watch for the "what goes up must come down" depression. Hoping the medication keeps it balanced enough that the depression doesn't get so bad that hospitalization is needed. A life of trial and error is so true! Thanks again for the info.