View Full Version : Interested in a CSprings support group?

01-14-07, 05:04 PM
Does anyone have any information on an Adult ADHD support group in Colorado Springs? In all the research I have done, I have not found one. They are mostly in Denver or other areas.

If you are also interested in finding one but are having the same trouble as I am, what about starting one with me? I'm thinking that there are a lot of people in Colorado Springs who could benefit from something like this. Of course, I would like it to start pretty small. Just a good group of people to meet somewhere and talk about ADHD. I would be willing to put in the effort to start one if I knew that there would be interest. If you don't want to help with setup, that's fine, just let me know you'd be interested in attending.

01-14-09, 09:39 PM
Okee dokey fine! I was considering the same thing! There ain't nothin' here!