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01-15-07, 09:11 PM
Just wanted to make an apology for a comment in my orginal posting "Panic Attacks?" January 15, 2007.

I said the Daytrana patch was "garbage". This was only a subjective comment based on my own experience. It was garbage for me, and my body.

It may work perfectly well for someone else. I just had a bad experience.
I guess its like saying peanuts are garbage :D if I were allergic to them. Try telling that to millions of kids all over North America who can't live without a peanut butter sandwich with a nice juice box after a stressful morning of nursery school.

All the best!

01-15-07, 09:23 PM
They call them "trials of medication", because for ever person they're a bit different, so you don't know until you try! Someday maybe we'll have a better system.

And as for peanut butter, in my nephew's school, no one is allowed to bring P & J to school, because two kids are very allergic.