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01-21-07, 10:17 AM
Last night I had a dream. The dream has triggered much of my emotion and I can remember it pretty well after waking up.

I am a 21-year- old young lady studying college. In my dream, I became night-drifter and did not go home in the midnight (which I have never done)..then I went into a youth centre. Usually outreaching social workers would take the marginal youth who drift around at night to that kind of centre to stay for a night, in order to protect them from the dangerous factors on the street during mid-night.

I went into the room for teens who are aged 16-18. But I find people there were too mature and did not match "my channel". Then I went into the room for teens aged 12-16. I feel easy and relaxed there. I get getting along with people there, I can communicate well with them. Then later, I broken into an other room. That is have much space, the social worker at that room told me the design of that room leaves people the feeling of family, so people can have a sense of familiar safe. I wanted to stay in that room but I knew I didn't belolng there. The worker there told me the room was for children aged 6-12. She asked me to go back to the room for teens aged 12-16. After one night, they gave us breafast free of charge.

I enjoyed being in the room for teens aged 12-16. I have many friends to talk with, I have a social worker to take care of me ( there is one social worker in charge of each room), I do not need to go to school or work. I do not see anyone in my real life, like my family members or classmates....In my dream, I asked a social worker that if I was over 18 years old, can I still live there (I told lies about my age, I said I was 16). The worker says there were still rooms for the ones aged 18-2X........I feel very excited about that as i can live there, maybe lin a ong term way...But the social worker said he didn't want people to live there for long. He thought people should go back to their real world and face the cruel reality and find ways to surivive.

Some people say dream can reflects one's own unconscious, like need, desire or fear.
Actually, what does my dream means???

01-22-07, 02:32 PM
I'm not a dream expert but I am very interested in dreams and have read alot about them. Sometimes dreams are metaphors for real life situations. Some dreams may only show certain things that actually mean something, for example if you dream about arguing with someone in a park, the park is irrelevent, but the person you are arguing with is relevent. Sometimes you might think about a dream that you had, (I'll use the arguing example again) and you think, 'maybe I hate the person I was arguing with'. But the person you were arguing with can actually be yourself, so you may actually be hating yourself.

In your case just by reading about your dream it sounds like you want to be younger and have less responsibility, have people looking after you and do all the worrying for you. But if you take a more in depth look at your dream it might mean something completely different. Try reading some books about dreams and what they mean, it's quite interesting.

01-30-07, 11:57 PM
I think similarly to boone1. I think dreams reflect what is happening currently in your life.

I'm wondering if you are uncomfortable with your current group of friends and perhaps would like to search out a group you are more comfortable with . . . .???

02-06-07, 10:11 PM
dreams are like phycadelic drugs, you in a bad mood you get a bad dream, if your in a good mood you get a good dream.